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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cowlitz County GOP shows True Leadership...

Breaking news: The Cowlitz County Republican Party of Washington unanimously passed the following resolution this evening and they are sending it to other 38 counties and to the state party.

R E S O L U T I ON 2005-2

Whereas, there are in the United States an unknown number of illegal immigrants estimated to be from 12 to 18 million; and

Whereas, there are in Washington State an unknown number of illegal immigrants estimated to be from 350,000 to 400,000 costing Washington State taxpayers millions in various government benefits intended for US citizens; and

Whereas, the failure of the Federal Government to enforce our immigration laws is creating a dangerous situation in which terrorists are given easy access; and

Whereas, there are other serious consequences of our present unchecked illegal immigration, and these include:

a. Providing an open door through which terrorists can easily enter our country,
b. Creating a bilingual country which could compromise our unity,
c. Encouraging disrespect for the law,
d. Placing a monumental burden on our welfare system,
e. Straining our schools by requiring instruction in two languages,
f. Depressing wages,
g. Displacing legal American workers,
h. Intensifying environmental problems,
i. Increasing the tax burden on American families; and

Whereas, polls repeatedly show that Latino-Americans, together with all other segments of American society, strongly support reform of this country’s immigration policy; and

Whereas, advocating reform would be a healthy confluence of doing what is right and doing what is politically wise; now therefore,

Be it Resolved by the Cowlitz County Republican Party, that this Party urges the Federal Government to move expeditiously to seal our borders against this flood of illegal immigrants, and to employ all practical and legal measures required to achieve this end, not excluding the erection of physical barriers and the use of military personnel; and

Be it Further Resolved, that no amnesty should be granted to illegal aliens, but that this country’s immigration laws should be enforced, and illegal aliens removed from the country in accordance with those laws; and

Be it Further Resolved, that the Cowlitz County Republican Party of Washington furnish copies of this Resolution to the Governor of Washington State, to the Washington State Republican Congressional Delegation, and to the President of the United States

Monday, July 11, 2005

"Recall Reed" files Appeal Brief in the Supreme Court

Chris Vance and the GOP leadership did little more then carry out a $2.5 million PR campaign and when Judge Bridges ruled against the $2.5 million high-power GOP lawyer team, Vance FOLDED.

The Recall effort was ridiculed, written off, and buried. The fight has not ended; it has just begun. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives -- ALL have had it with the leadership of both parties.

Call it what you wish but people are fed up, and the 420,000 signatures on the nonewgastax in 32 days prove it.

Political realities are shifting very fast.

"If the court decides to vacate the office, and a new election occurs, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the election is fairly administered under Washington State law and election rules. However, you should know that Washington State law does not provide me with the authority to call a special election or the authority to set aside election results certified by our county canvassing boards."

~ From: "Reed, Sam (Web)" Sun, 20 Feb 2005

11 July 2005


Well, well Judge Chris Wickham Wicked is being stood up to.No, not by KVI and (yet), although The Seattle Times Editorial Board urges 'em too.But by Martin Ringhofer, Linda Jordan and the rest of the Reed Recall team. HERE in PDF format is the brief laying out the arguments for appealing Judge Wickham's wicked ruling. Not the least of which being Judge Wickham's suppression of relevant evidence (unlike Judge John Bridges in Wenatchee) and Secretary Reed's problems in making a good election happen.The PDF is well worth a read if you're as interested in election reform as I am. I'm happy to see somebody keep genuine heat on this issue... besides King County Councilor Reagan Dunn and his staff, that is!FYI: Martin Ringhofer is also the same gentleman who has been trying to stop dead people from voting!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Help STOP WASTE, FRAUD, AND ABUSE of legal voters

Go on record that you are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore

Monorail was approved by 800 votes. Were they legal voters?

WHO really won the last Governor's election?

Why is King County STILL sending out voter registration cards to DEAD people, after they PROMISED the citizens in May they would clean up their elections department?

What good is it to pay another expensive Blue Ribbon committee - as Ron Sims has hired - if King County doesn't intend to correct the problems?

How will we know who truly wins the next election in November?

Ron Sims is running for King County executive again ... Why would he ignore the current election department shortcomings , problems and security exposures unless it serves to help him during his upcoming race for King County Executive?

Go on record that you are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore.

Call and write Mike Siegel at KTTH, at 8AM every morning, until LOGAN is FIRED or RESIGNS and the holes in our voting systems and laws are plugged. KTTH 206-726-6906.

Call and write Kirby and John at KVI Siegel at KVI, Call-In Lines: King County: (206) 421-5757 or Toll Free: (888 312-5757.

Washington State Republicans have no backbone

A Resolution was presented to the Washington State Republican Committee at their meeting held in Wenatchee a few weeks back. It was DEFEATED because the Republicans in power in this state have no backbone. They were afraid that the national party might not provide them MONEY in the future if they gave the President a slap in the face by passing this resolution.

Since they did not have the fortitude to pass this little resolution only supporting making the people more aware of the problem, it is doubtful they will support an initiatibe to the legislatur on the subject. The only way it could be done is if there were people like Russ and Dee in Alabama on the radio in Seattle. The Washington State Republican State Committee would not even take a vote to support the gas tax roll back drive. The Washington State Republicans have become a party of wimps, first class type.

Efforts are under way to present the resolution to ALL 39 County GOP Central Committees, and see what happens.

Resolution that was presented to the Washington State Republican Party

Whereas millions of illegal immigrants are infiltrating into our country each year and the number keeps increasing.

Whereas the border patrol and the INS are not capable of or do not wish to curtail this exodus of people illegally entering the country.

Whereas this illegal immigration problem has been identified for many years and very little seems to be done to address the issue.

Whereas a group of citizens have taken it upon themselves to patrol our border in Arizona and report to the border patrol any illegal activity.

Whereas the level of illegal activity has diminished significantly in the areas patrolled by these citizen “Minutemen”.

Therefore be it resolved that the Washington State Republican Party goes on record of supporting the efforts of the Arizona “Minutemen” to raise the national awareness of the illegal immigration problem.

There is something very wrong going on here...
Posted by Deborah at June 25, 2005 11:26 PM

The media won't expose it. The courts won't rule on it. The local Attorney General won't investigate it. The Feds -(my buddies) - are simply watching...What in the Hell is going on??

The people of this state are being lulled into acceptance of the machine again - and it's not their fault! They've been waiting for someone to tell them what to do!

Right now - thanks to the luke-warm slap on the wrist from Judge Bridges, the media was able to help King County sweep most of their dirt back under the carpet! The media, is the vehicle most people depend on in this busy world, to get their information!

The blogs (especially SP) have been crucial in getting the word and truth out about the corruption in our state elections! But even the blogs can be as frustrating as talk radio when you are looking for fast updates and information! (am I the only one who pulls their hair out while listening to John Carlson? 8 million damn info-mercials and a 2 million topic teasers with only 1 minute of actual talk? ACK!)

Yes! King County and the rest of the Democrat controlled state is about to screw the people big time and there is very little we can do about it!

The only thing we can do is get the message out. We need to create a list of the history corruption in King County (elections, taxes, transit, CAO, etc...) and a list of the corruption in the state under the Democrats. We need to get this list into the newspaper and on TV. That will cost money and time is running out.

We need to launch an email campaign with the same information urging people to call the news channels, talk radio, newspapers, to complain about what is going on with our elections. Provide phone numbers!

We must use every vehicle available to turn this around. The media can't and won't ignore hundreds or thousands of phone calls.....

Stefan...what do you think we should do?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A petition for washington state election reform

"Richard Daly and LBJ are laughing at the ctizens of Washington state from their graves!!!"

An appeal to our legislators and the election reform task force

196 people have signed this petition to date. I have posted some of the comments by supporters.

For the entire list, go:

To: Washington State Legislature/Governor's Election Reform Task Force

As Americans our vote is the most precious thing we have. It is the currency with which we buy influence, and it is the only tool we have to direct our government. People not eligible to vote potentially nullify the votes of legal voters. This is serious, but our government is not taking it seriously at all.

We the people demand meaningful election reforms that protect the integrity of the system as well as the sanctity of our vote. We want every eligible voter to have the opportunity to vote, but we also want every vote cast to be a legal vote, and we expect the accounting of our elections to be accurate.

We the people of the state of Washington submit this proposal and this petition to you hoping you will implement these reforms.

Voter Education Reform:

o Promote voter responsibility by educating voters on voting procedure through school programs, and materials distributed at the time of voter registration.

o Emphasize voter responsibility by teaching voters that it is their responsibility to follow voting procedures correctly if they want their vote counted.

Registration Reform:

o Require all voters to re-register, and populate the new state-wide database with verified legal voters. o Require proof of ID by birth certificates or citizenship papers, rather than other documents which are easier to forge such as driver's licenses, that do not prove citizenship.

o Assign a PIN Number to each voter, to be used like the PIN # for a bank debit card, to verify the identity of the voter at the poll or to verify the identity of the absentee voter.

o Mail a verification letter to the voter at the address of residency. The voter must return this letter, providing his signature and PIN # for the registration to be validated.

o Require voting registration instructions to be printed in English, since reading English is a citizenship requirement and non-citizens are ineligible to vote.

Ballot Design and Accounting Reform:

o Provide a "None of the above" option in every race to eliminate under votes, and help clarify voter intent.

o Provisional ballots must be distinguishable from other ballots and must also be made in such a way as they cannot be fed into the machine at the poll.

o Account for Ballots from the time they are printed through certification of the election. Treat ballots as if they are dollars.

Ballot Casting Reform:

o Prevent Double Voting by immediately recording when a person votes and locking them out from additional voting.

Ballot Collection Reform:

o Train and test poll workers adequately to ensure they follow correct procedures.

o Establish a Chain of Custody for Ballots. If the chain is broken, the ballots are immediately placed in "provisional ballot" status for manual checking.

o Outlaw ballot enhancement by election workers guessing about voter intent.

o Timely absentee ballot collection through postmarking required on Election Day and receipt required within five days of Election Day. o Timely processing of overseas military votes by providing online voting or remote precincts.

Enforcement Reform:

o Require statewide uniform laws and procedures.

o Require officials to enforce existing laws.

o Prosecute illegal voters. o Restore voter confidence by making election information publicly available online, to include the list of registered voters, voting histories, ballot accounting and election return information, including write-in, over and under votes.


The Undersigned

Dawn Courtney from Cowlitz:

"There's not one person I've spoken to that believes King County did everything on the up and up, in fact, they believe criminal activity has taken place. These problems have been around for a long's time to clean it up NOW!!!"



Josef Kunzler from Skagit:

"I think this is a sound platform of ideals that should already be in place. I am also willing to pay higher taxes, if need be, to implement these reforms."

Thomas (Bud) Dodgson from Island:

"Give us an honest election!"

Michael R Purcell from Kitsap:

"The election system is broken, let's get on with it and get it fixed."

Lee Eggebroten from King:

"Install security cameras to watch counters, add security at counting locations, do not allow counters to bring in bags or jackets."


"Politicians from both sides need to look at this. The average person looks at the reforms that are blatantly needed, which most of the politicians look the other way at, election after election. Working in the business world, most of these voter problems can be fixed with a little hard work and some modern technology. I think the most important thing is to have every one re-register to vote. I work with MS Access everyday and know that double registrations, etc can be purged. Also, voter cards need to NOT be given to illegal aliens that should not be fradulently given drivers licenses also. Steps need to be taken so that the average Joe feels that their vote is not being wasted. Also, voters should have to prove they actually live someplace and not have a phony address such as the Democratic headquarters in King County. That was real nice to pull on the people. Thanks King County, Erik Spencer Snohomish The number of votes should not exceed the number of registered voters, likewise when the margin of error exceeds the margin of victory serious questions MUST be asked and answered."

James Sorenson from King:

"King county said in 1998 they were going to fix this and never did. Lets do it now!!!"

Marcus P. Curd III from Kitsap:

"Richard Daly and LBJ are laughing at the ctizens of Washington state from their graves!!!"

Krystle Miller from Thurston:

"This sounds great! I am disgusted with the last election and this act might help!"

Jo Beaman from Yakima:

"It's situations like this that give voice to those who say they do not vote because it doesn't make a difference...Let's try to show them VOTING IS A PRIVILEDGE and RESPONSIBILITY of vote DOES make a could by YOURS"

Lucille Diaz from Pierce:

"I believe that there was a manipulation of the votes in King County especially when I remember hearing Christine Gregoire throw her tantrum following the second recount results in which she maintained she would be the next governor. I only wish some of the stations would do a replay of this tantrum."

Mickie L. Postier from Mason:

"We need these reforms immediately to prevent voter fraud. We need to have honest and fair elections with results we can rely on. Please act now."

Mark R. Postier from Mason:

"Stop fraudulent elections. There should be no room for cheating. Please act now."

John Henebry from King:

"This is our most fundamental right and I am sick of politicians who cheapen it with "acceptable amount of error."

Dead People Can Still Vote In King County…

Saturday, June 25, 2005

HEADLINE: Dead People Can Still Vote In King County…

TODAY – KING COUNTY COUNCIL DISTRICT 4 – LARRY PHILLIPS’ DISTRICT, KING COUNTY: In a stunning reminder of what “a total mess” King County Elections is, Martin Ringhofer again received voter registration cards for his dead parents after he contacted King County Elections about their current status as profiled in the 8 January 2005 Seattle Post-Intelligencer HERE. These cards were part of the King County Elections attempt to “keep King County’s voter rolls accurate”.

In fact, King County Elections said in their press release about these voter registration cards:

Countywide mailings are the primary tool election officials use to receive information about voters who have moved. For this process to work, election officials depend on voters’ help.

“This effort really is a partnership with the public.” said Sherril Huff Menees, assistant director of Records, Elections and Licensing Services. “Addresses, names and signatures change over time and a countywide mailing like this is a chance for voters to get their most current information to us before the fall election season begins.”

Last summer following the countywide mailing, election officials received more than 120,000 returned registration cards with information about deceased voters and changes of addresses.

“As a responsible voter, if you receive a postcard for someone else, write ‘addressee moved, return to sender’ and drop it in the mail. Voters need to do their part to keep King County’s voter rolls accurate,” said Huff Menees. “The September primary is too important to miss simply because we can’t find your new address.”

Yet last summer – and several other times before, Martin Ringhofer contacted King County Elections telling them to strike his parents’ names and addresses from the voter rolls.

He said, “It is really beyond the pale that Dean Logan would send new voter registration cards to anyone who has been DEAD for nearly nine years. This adds new meaning to there being an afterlife after dying. Quite frankly, it is astonishing that such a thing is even possible.”

For obvious reasons, Ringhofer thinks that between this incident, the findings of a “culture of fear that dissuades employees from informing their supervisors of problems or offering solutions to them” and “Ineffective implementation of critical operational controls and quality assurance processes that identify and address inevitable human errors before they undermine the elections process” in The Webster Street Memo/The King County Independent Task Force on Elections Draft Initial Findings of the Task Force's Committees, and the many other “troubling” incidents in King County Elections in recent years such as more votes than voters and vote-by-mail materials mailed without a ballot – the King County Council should bring to an immediate vote King County Councilman Reagan Dunn’s Resolution of “No Confidence” in Dean Logan (filed in LegiSearch as 2005-0219).

Ringhofer says, “Aside of the implications for holding honest elections, it is cruel and abusive that I should be receiving yet new voter registration cards for my dead parents. It is not funny; I am not laughing; and Dean Logan has to be brain-dead to go on the airwaves and promise the public that he has fixed the voter registration problems. I sure would like to hear from anybody who can explain how this is possible. How much of this must we put up with before Dean Logan is FIRED, or prosecuted?”

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

EXCERPT VERBATIM REPORT OF PROCEEDINGS BY HONORABLE JOHN E. BRIDGES: Chelan County Auditorium, Wenatchee, Washington on the 6th day of JUune, 2005

“This Court is not in a position to fix the deficiencies in the election process that we heard about in this courtroom over the past nine days. However, the voters of this state are in a position to demand of their executive and legislative bodies that remedial measures be instituted immediately. And clearly, the evidence here suggests that the problems require more than just constructing new buildings and
hiring more staff.”

“Mr. Logan in his testimony in court and, more particularly, in his deposition testimony referred to the culture he found when he assumed the responsibilities of the Director of Elections in King County. Almost anyone who works in state or local government knows exactly what this culture is. It's inertia. It's selfishness. It's taking our paycheck but not doing the work. It's not caring about either our fellow workers or the public we are supposed to serve. It's not taking responsibility. It's refusing to be held accountable. And so it is the voters who should send the message.”


The following Referendum to the Washington State Legislature will be filed with the Secretary of State within the near future. Your comments, suggestions and revisions are solicited.


Be it enacted by the People of the State of Washington:

Section 1. Short title

This act may be cited as the "Washington Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act".

Section 2. Findings and declaration

This state finds that illegal immigration is causing economic hardship to this state and that illegal immigration is encouraged by public agencies within this state that provide public benefits without verifying immigration status. This state further finds that illegal immigrants have been given a safe haven in this state with the aid of identification cards that are issued without verifying immigration status, and that this conduct contradicts federal immigration policy, undermines the security of our borders and demeans the value of citizenship. Therefore, the people of this state declare that the public interest of this state requires all public agencies within this state to cooperate with federal immigration authorities to discourage illegal immigration.

Section 3. Registration form

A. The form used for the registration of electors shall contain:

1. The date the registrant signed the form.

2. The given name of the registrant, middle name, if any, and surname.

3. Complete address of actual place of residence, including street name and number, apartment or space number, city or town and zip code, or such description of the location of the residence that it can be readily ascertained or identified.

4. Complete mailing address, if different from residence address, including post office address, city or town, zip code or other designation used by the registrant for receiving mail.

5. Party preference, if required by election laws.

6. Telephone number, unless unlisted.

7. State or country of birth.

8. Date of birth.

9. Occupation.

10. Indian census number (optional to registrant).

11. Father's name or mother's maiden name.

12. The last four digits of the registrant's social security number (optional to registrant).

13. A statement as to whether or not the registrant is currently registered in another state, county or precinct, and if so, the name, address, county and state of previous registration.

14. A statement that the registrant is a citizen of the United States.

15. A statement that the registrant will be eighteen years of age on or before the date of the next general election.

16. A statement that the registrant has not been convicted of treason or a felony, or if so, that the registrant's civil rights have been restored.

17. A statement that the registrant is a resident of this state and of the county in which the registrant is registering.

18. A statement that executing a false registration is a class 6 felony.

19. The signature of the registrant.

20. If the registrant is unable to sign the form, a statement that the affidavit was completed according to the registrant's direction.

21. A statement that if an applicant declines to register to vote, the fact that the applicant has declined to register will remain confidential and will be used only for voter registration purposes.

22. A statement that if an applicant does register to vote, the office at which the applicant submits a voter registration application will remain confidential and will be used only for voter registration purposes.

23. A statement that the applicant shall submit evidence of United States citizenship with the application and that the registrar shall reject the application if no evidence of citizenship is attached.

B. A duplicate voter receipt shall be provided with the form that provides space for the name, street address and city of residence of the applicant, party preference and the date of signing. The voter receipt is evidence of valid registration for the purpose of casting a ballot to be verified by each County Auditor.

C. The state voter registration form shall be printed in a form prescribed by the secretary of

D. The county auditor may establish procedures to verify whether a registrant has successfully petitioned the court for an injunction against harassment an order of protection and, if verified, to protect the registrant's residence address, telephone number or voting precinct number, if appropriate, from public disclosure.

Section 4. Verification of registration

A. Except for the mailing of sample ballots, a county auditor who mails an item to any elector shall send the mailing by nonforwardable first class mail marked with the statement required by the to receive an address correction notification. If the item is returned undelivered, the county auditor shall send a follow-up notice to that elector within three weeks of receipt of the returned notice. The county auditor shall send the follow-up notice to the address that appears on the general county register or to the forwarding address provided by the United States postal service. The follow-up notice shall include a registration form and shall state that if the elector does not complete and return a new registration form with current information to the county auditor within thirty-five days, the name of the elector will be removed from the general register and transferred to the inactive voter list.

B. If the elector provides the county auditor with a new registration form, the county auditor shall change the general register to reflect the changes indicated on the new registration. If the elector indicates a new residence address outside that county, the county auditor shall forward the voter registration form to the county auditor of the county in which the elector's address is located. If the elector provides a new residence address that is located outside this state, the county auditor shall cancel the elector's registration.

C. The county auditor shall maintain on the inactive voter list the names of electors who have been removed from the general register for a period of four years or through the date of the second general election for federal office following the date of the notice from the county auditor.

D. On notice that a government agency has changed the name of any street, route number, post office box number or other address designation, the county auditor shall revise the registration records and shall send a new verification of registration notice to the electors whose records were changed.

E. The county auditor on or before May 1 of each year preceding a state primary and general election or more frequently as the auditor deems necessary may use the change of address information supplied by the postal service through its licensees to identify registrants whose addresses may have changed. If it appears from information provided by the postal service that a registrant has moved to a different residence address in the same county, the county auditor shall change the registration records to reflect the new address and shall send the registrant a notice of the change by forwardable mail and a postage prepaid preaddressed return form by which the registrant may verify or correct the registration information. If the registrant fails to return the form postmarked not later than twenty-nine days before the next election, the elector shall be removed from the general register and transferred to the inactive voter list. If the notice sent by the auditor is not returned, the registrant may be required to provide affirmation or confirmation of the registrant's address in order to vote. If the registrant does not vote in an election during the period after the date of the notice from the auditor through the date of the second general election for federal office following the date of that notice, the registrant's name shall be removed from the list of inactive voters. If the registrant has changed residence to a new county, the county auditor shall provide information on how the registrant can continue to be eligible to vote.

F. The county auditor shall reject any application for registration that is not accompanied by satisfactory evidence of United States citizenship. Satisfactory evidence of citizenship shall include any of the following:

1. The number of the applicant's driver license or non-operating identification license issued after October 1, 1996 by the department of transportation or the equivalent governmental agency of another state within the United States if the agency indicates on the applicant's driver license or non-operating identification license that the person has provided satisfactory proof of United States citizenship.

2. A legible photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate that verifies citizenship to the satisfaction of the county auditor.

3. A legible photocopy of pertinent pages of the applicant's United States passport identifying the applicant and the applicant's passport number or presentation to the county auditor of the applicant's United States passport.

4. A presentation to the county auditor of the applicant's United States Naturalization Documents or the number of the Certificate of Naturalization. If only the number of the certificate of naturalization is provided, the applicant shall not be included in the registration rolls until the number of the certificate of naturalization is verified with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service by the County Auditor.

5. Other documents or methods of proof that are established pursuant to the immigration reform and control act of 1986.

6. The applicant's bureau of Indian Affairs card number, tribal treaty card number or tribal enrollment number.

G. Notwithstanding subsection f of this section, any person who is registered in this state on the effective date of this amendment to this section is deemed to have provided satisfactory evidence of citizenship and shall not be required to resubmit evidence of citizenship unless the person is changing voter registration from one county to another.

H. For the purposes of this section, proof of voter registration from another state or county is not satisfactory evidence of citizenship.

I. A person who modifies voter registration records with a new residence ballot shall not be required to submit evidence of citizenship. After citizenship has been demonstrated to the county auditor, the person is not required to resubmit satisfactory evidence of citizenship in that County.

J. After a person has submitted satisfactory evidence of citizenship, the county auditor shall indicate this information in the person's permanent voter file. After two years the county auditor may destroy all documents that were submitted as evidence of citizenship.

Section 5. Procedure for obtaining ballot by elector

A. Every qualified elector, before receiving his ballot, shall announce his name and place of residence in a clear, audible tone of voice to the election official in charge of the signature roster or present his name and residence in writing and shall present one form of identification that bears the name, address and photograph of the elector or two different forms of identification that bear the name and address of the elector. If the name is found upon the precinct register by the election officer having charge thereof or the qualified elector presents a certificate from the county auditor showing that he is entitled by law
to vote in the precinct, the election official in charge of the signature roster shall repeat the name and the qualified elector shall be allowed within the voting area.

B. Any qualified elector who is listed as having applied for an early ballot but who states that he has not voted and will not vote an early ballot for this election or surrenders the early ballot to the precinct inspector on Election Day shall be allowed to vote.

C. Each qualified elector's name shall be numbered consecutively by the clerks, with the number upon the stub of the ballot delivered to him, and in the order of applications for ballots. The election judge having charge of the ballots shall also write his initials upon the stub and the number of the qualified elector as it appears upon the precinct register. The judge shall give the qualified elector only one ballot and his name shall be immediately checked on the precinct register.

D. Each qualified elector shall sign his name in the signature roster prior to receiving his ballot, but an inspector or judge may sign the roster for an elector who is unable to sign because of physical disability, and in that event the name of the elector shall be written with red ink, and no attestation or other proof shall be necessary. The provisions of this subsection relating to signing the signature roster shall not apply to electors casting a ballot using early voting procedures.

E. A person offering to vote at a special district election for which no special district register has been supplied shall sign an affidavit stating his address and that he resides within the district boundaries or proposed district boundaries and swearing that he is a qualified elector and has not already voted at the election being held.

Section 6. Verifying applicants for public benefits; violation; classification; citizen suits

A. An agency of this state and all of its political subdivisions, including local governments, that are responsible for the administration of state and local public benefits that are not federally mandated shall do all of the following:

1. Verify the identity of each applicant for those benefits and verify that the applicant is eligible for benefits as prescribed by this section.

2. Provide any other employee of this state or any of its political subdivisions with information to verify the immigration status of any applicant for those benefits and assist the employee in obtaining that information from federal immigration authorities.

3. Refuse to accept any identification card issued by the state or any political subdivision of this state, including a driver license, to establish identity or determine eligibility for those benefits unless the issuing authority has verified the immigration status of the applicant.

4. Require all employees of the state and its political subdivisions to make a written report to federal immigration authorities for any violation of federal immigration law by any applicant for benefits and that is discovered by the employee.

B. Failure to report discovered violations of federal immigration law by an employee is a class 2 misdemeanor. If that employee's supervisor knew of the failure to report and failed to direct the employee to make the report, the supervisor is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.

C. This section shall be enforced without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity or national origin. Any person who is a resident of this state shall have standing in any court of record to bring suit against any agent or agency of this state or its political subdivisions to remedy any violation of any provision of this section, including an action for mandamus. Courts shall give preference to actions brought under this section over other civil actions or proceeding pending in the court.

Section 7. Severability

If a provision of this act or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions or applications of the act that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this act are severable.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Monday, June 06, 2005

EFF calls on Secretary of State to fire elections director

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation today called on Secretary of State Sam Reed to fire Nick Handy, Director of Elections. The call came as a result of Handy’s testimony at the ongoing election contest in Chelan County.

“Despite being the state’s elections chief, he demonstrated a marked ignorance of election laws, and testified under oath that he actively worked to publicly discredit the Republican case in the governor’s election challenge trial,” said Bob Williams, EFF President.

In a letter to Reed, Williams requested that Handy be fired because, in part:

He testified that pre-certification voter crediting was not mandatory; however, after being shown the Washington Administrative Code, he reluctantly admitted that the law does require absentee ballots to be credited prior to the counting of provisional ballots.

He sent an email to the Secretary of State’s contract attorney, which expressed a desire to undermine the Republican’s legal claims.

He then convened a council of election officials, agreed on talking points to counter the crediting issue, and sent them to all 39 auditors to present a united front. Testimony at trial, however, has shown that the crediting discrepancy does have a substantive basis, and should have been investigated.

By law, Handy must ensure “each county auditor had the most recent version of the election laws of the state,” including four emergency regulations issued in August 2004 to implement the federal Help America Vote Act. Despite his office issuing the regulations, he showed no awareness of their existence during his testimony and failed to send them to auditors prior to the election.

For months, EFF has been saying that despite repeated claims of neutrality by the Secretary of State’s office, it has been actively working against a meaningful investigation of the 2004 election.

“Nick Handy’s testimony on Wednesday vindicates EFF’s assertion that the Secretary of State’s office has been more concerned with protecting election officials than with investigating the election results,” Williams said. “Handy asserted that the election system is an ‘honor system’ and that mistakes are just human errors by an overworked staff. That’s an attitude incompatible with maintaining clean elections.”

Mr. Handy is a long time friend of Secretary Reed, as well as a contributor to his campaign. However, he has no experience in elections prior to his appointment as State Director of Elections.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Statement from Bob Williams

President, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Concerning Governor's Election Contest Ruling

"A court should only overturn an election when there is clear and compelling evidence that either fraud or gross incompetence and negligence occurred to such a degree that the apparent results cannot be trusted. While we disagree, apparently Judge Bridges believes the Rossi camp fell short of meeting that requirement.

"EFF strongly endorses Judge Bridge's opening comments. The Judge found that at least 1678 illegal votes were cast in the election, however the GOP failed to show that these illegal voters voted in the governor's race and for whom they voted.

"Judge Bridges said the court was not in a position to fix the deficiencies that were heard during the trial - that could only be rectified the voters. He said, 'the voters are in a position to demand of their legislative and executive bodies that remedial measures be instituted immediately.'

"EFF will take that charge very seriously.

"Listening to the testimony by county auditors of the errors in their counties during the 2004 election was appalling - it is hard to believe the fundamental disregard for election laws on reconciliation, certification, rovisional ballots, etc. and the covering up of massive discrepancies, particularly in King County.

"Election officials need to be held accountable with real consequences for violating the laws.

"Essentially Judge Bridges ruling renders the election contest statute meaningless. It is impossible to prove how illegal voters voted. Further, unless the law is changed it sets the state up for voting fraud, particularly ballot stuffing in the future. Once fraud occurs, then the losing candidate will have to prove the fraud by clear and cogent evidence and prove who the illegal voters voted for. That is an impossible standard given ballot secrecy laws.

"This trial demonstrated clearly an alarming ignorance of election law both by state officials who are tasked with implementing and enforcing it, and by local officials charged with the responsibility for carrying out the law. The level of incompetence and misfeseance in the Secretary of State's office is truly appalling.

"The cavalier manner of the King County elections department goes to the root of a corrupt culture where the law is flouted, clear warnings of impending disaster are ignored and legitimate errors are covered up rather than corrected. We also have seen a "circle the wagons" mentality on the part of many elections officials around the state who, while they profess fairness and transparency in the voting process, are even now moving in the direction of more closed doors and backroom procedures in their flight to a vote by mail system that is rife with opportunities for greater shenanigans in the future.

"EFF will continue to seek a federal grand jury investigation into the 2004 elections, not only in King County but elsewhere as well.

"It should be more than obvious to members of the State Legislature that the band-aid approach they took to election reform during the last session is not enough to address the systemic problems we face. "We need to have a complete re-registration of all voters in the state of Washington, with proof of identification and proof of citizenship, to weed out ineligible felon voters, the dead, and those who have registered to vote illegally.

"We must pass legislation requiring meaningful proof of identification both at the polls and when voting by absentee ballot. We have to provide proof of identification in Washington now when we go to by cold medicine. The least we can require is proof of identification before allowing people to vote.

"We need to make certain that the Secretary of State's office issues the 53 WACs it still hasn't issued on election procedures, training elections officials on their requirements and then enforce them in the next election cycle.

"EFF's position from the beginning has been that regardless of the election challenge outcome, Washington needs to engage in a complete reform of the elections process. Judge Bridges hinted that he agrees with us, particularly with his reference how Washington has gone overboard in its efforts to make voting as easy as possible without adequate safeguards.

"The Judge said, 'Extraordinary efforts are in place to make it easier to vote. But unfortunately I fear that it will be much more difficult to account for those votes in the future.'

"He is absolutely correct, and his argument should be kept in mind by all of those elections officials rushing head-long into instituting complete vote-by-mail systems in the future. It is a dangerous path.

"The evidence in this trial re-enforces our position that complete election reform in Washington is required sooner rather than later, and EFF will continue to work for that outcome."

Right is RIGHT and Wrong is WRONG: Recall Reed on Today's Development

Monday, June 06, 2005

Below is the statement from the Reed Recall ringleader Martin Ringhofer: (Orbusmax on Orblog blogs THIS EFF statement calling for election reform in the wake of today's tragedy and THIS statement calling on Secretary Sam Reed to fire Nick Handy.)

Nobody believes the outcome of the last gubernatorial election outcome: Democrats or Republican. For that matter, partisan politics has NOTHING to do with it.

The people in Arizona overwhelmingly voted for an initiative for 100% voter re-registration. The numbers are running 57% of the registered voters are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

The outcome of the GOP challenge in Wenatchee County is unacceptable and points only to the corruption in our electoral process, specially in King County. Logan, Handy, Reed, Gregoire, and all the rest of them, are all celebrating together today.

Recall Sam Reed is in the State Supreme Court on Appeal, and the media has hidden this news from the people. Our case holds the key to the mess we find ourselves in, as the whole problem was kick-started by Sam Reed certifying an election which was fraught with fraud.

There is no reason whatever that we, the people, ought not be able to FLUSH ALIENS from the illegal voters list. None. There is ample evidence in our Recall Reed case to warrant the court to allow us to go forward and collect nearly 700,000 signatures to force a recall vote of Sam Reed.

You tell me if you ACCEPT the election debacle and the court's refusal to correct the fraudulent outcome, in spite of the Judge's admission nobody knows WHO won the election.

No response tells me you have given up, and wrong or right means nothing to you anymore. If that is the case, I can't blame you, as that is exactly how it all makes me feel -- except that at least I have written this piece to get the load off my chest.

Live long and prosper.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Open Letter to King Councilman Steve Hammond

April 11, 2005

Mr. Steve Hammond
King County Councilman,

I heard you on the radio a while back talking about a "tradition" auditors used to have where they would file a discrepancy report with their canvass of votes if any errors had occurred during the election with ballots, machines, or at the polls. That is not a tradition it was and IS the law. It is called a narrative. In the narrative the auditor and canvass board SHALL reconcile one vote to voter or one ballot to one mistake until all errors are reconciled. This has to happen prior to certification and before they send their results to the Secretary of State. (WAC 434-262-070-090)

The Secretary of State, Sam Reed, is prohibited by law from accepting an incomplete canvass of votes from a county. A canvass is considered incomplete if there were errors and there is no narrative reconciling the errors. Reed is compelled, by LAW, to send the canvass back, over and over, until the canvass report is complete. The Secretary of State cannot accept a counties canvass or abstract of election returns without the required information and seal.

No county's certified copy of the abstract of votes shall be considered as complete for acceptance by the secretary of state until all of the material required by statute and regulation has been received by the secretary of state. (WAC 434-262-070 through 100)

King County's canvass report contained no narrative reconciling the errors; in fact I still don't think they have submitted one. Before Reed certified the election he was on public record acknowledging the numerous errors and discrepancies that had occurred in King County, so much so that he said he sent an employee to King County to check it out. “ In addition to the approximately 1,800 votes county officials can't account for, [Dean] Logan [Elections Director for King County] said up to 348 voters improperly put provisional ballots into counting machines at polling places before their signatures or eligibility had been verified.” (‘New error found in vote tally’ January 11, 2005, Seattle Times)

“But the issue of mismatched numbers in King County came as a surprise to him [Secretary Sam Reed]. And while he said some discrepancy is not unusual as counties reconcile records after an election, the number in King County is large enough that he sent a staff member to investigate.”(‘Doubts linger as Gregoire win certified’, Seattle Times, 12/31/04)

As a King County resident I am asking you, as a King County councilman, to write Secretary Reed and ask him why he accepted an incomplete canvass report from King County when he was forbidden by law to accept it without the narrative report reconciling the errors?

Why did Reed violate the law in order to accept the King County canvass? Why did Dean Logan get away with having, what 1,800 to 3,000 more votes than voters in his canvass, with no reconciliation? If there is an “informality” in the returns of any election, the Secretary can certify a race but only if it can be determined “with reasonable certainty” who actually won. (RCW 29A.60.130) Many certifications submitted in this election by counties to the Secretary had major defects, not small ones, but even if you tried to say all the defects were simply informalities Secretary Reed still could have not certified the governor’s race because he could not say with reasonably certainty who won the race. Take a 129-vote margin and add 1,800 more votes than voters in King County alone and that does not equal any kind of certainty.

This illegal activity and sloppiness has gone on long enough and under Reed's watch. On February 13, 2003 Secretary of State Sam Reed released a review of King County Elections (Secretary of State Report on King County) It noted problems with; computer programs (pg.26), procedures for operating equipment used to count ballots (pg.26), mailing of absentee ballots (pg.27), improving internal communication (pg.27). The report told King County what it should do to correct these problems. The Secretary concluded “The problems that surfaced in King County during last years [2002] election cycle threatened the fundamental right to vote,” said Reed. “The citizens of this state are counting on King County to embrace change, implement solutions and administer successful elections in the future.” (Exhibit 19 ‘Secretary of State Releases Review Of King County Elections’ February 13, 2003)

Despite this, King County ran amuck again in the November 2, 2004 election cycle. Felons voted, the dead voted, 343 provisional ballots were commingled with regular ballots, ballots that once were lost were found and it was not a spiritual event it was an illegal act, 1,800 more votes were counted than people who voted in King County alone, and to top it off absentee ballots were mailed late again. The Seattle Times reported that less than a month before the November election, the U.S. Department of Justice threatened to sue Washington State because it was moving too slowly in mailing military ballots overseas. At that point Washington was the only state that hadn't mailed its overseas ballots. (‘Feds threatened suit over military ballots’...January 10, 2005)

You must find out from Reed himself, why he violated the law in order to accept an incomplete canvass report from King County. The buck stopped with him and he let us down, he let you down. Please let me know if you will do this. We deserve to know why our Chief Election Officer so clearly violated the law.


Linda Jordan

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Martin is simply attempting to do what Sam won't do

April 5. 2005
Letter to the Seattle Times
by Linda Jordan

Your editorial writer Joni Balter tried, but she will never be able to tar and feather Martin Ringhofer as "racist", "nasty", or a man who is "engaged in a despicable witch hunt". ('A nasty turn in election challenge' 4-5-05) Why? Because he is none of those things.

The Secretary of State, Sam Reed, has refused to purge our voter rolls of illegal aliens. Martin is simply attempting to do what he won't do. Without access to Social Security and INS computers his only option was to look through the hundreds of thousands of names, by hand, and pull the ones that sounded foreign, like his name. Ringhofer.

Martin is a naturalized citizen from Austria. He dreamed about becoming an American and he did not cheat in order to accomplish that goal. He arrived with his parents in 1965, waited five years to apply for citizenship, studied hard, took the test and in1972 he became an American. He voted that year too. Funny thing, he had to prove he was a citizen before they would let him vote and he was happy to do it.

I find that people who are citizens by choice quite often have a deeper understanding and appreciation of American democracy. They look at voting as an almost sacred right and duty.

Thats Martin. He understands that the right to vote is a cornerstone of our great country and he wants to protect it.

Election Challenge Paradigm Shift

It is "beyond" offensive to find out that elected and appointed governmental officials are not following the laws -- i.e. elections officials not undertaking the process to remove convicts and felons from exercising voting rights; allowing the dead to vote; not requiring proof of citizenship when soliciting voter registrations through the DOL.

Americans ASSUME the laws are being followed. It is disrespectful and disgraceful to allow non-citizens the same rights and privileges as U.S. Citizens. It is a Class C Felony to register when not qualified, and a Class C Felony every time an illegal voter, votes. Each offense means 5 yeas jail time, and $10,000 fine. There are laws to preserve those rights and privileges but they are rendered worthless thanks to the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Prosecuting Attorneys who will not prosecute, and the County Auditors who are charged to enforce the laws: not protect those who violate them.

The challenge of DOL registrants on the basis the may be non-citizens amounts to housekeeping the county auditors are required to do in their official capacity. The effort amounts to holding election officials responsible for their duties set out under the law. The effort demonstrates a US citizen’s willingness to do more then those who we have elected to ensure the integrity of our election system. I never thought I would be called “an IDIOT,” and a racist on the public airways, the printed media, and the Internet, for doing what I consider a privilege, to defend provisions of our Constitution, and the laws protecting all – including the non-citizens.

Having put forth the effort to become a citizen, there is nothing more offensive to me then to learn that others are given the same rights I have worked hard for and they have done nothing except to get a driver's license. Shameful. They are diminishing the right and privilege of all legal voters, and violate the “equal protection under the law” provisions guaranteed to all U.S. Citizens. Few understand how “naturalized” US Citizens feel about this, and no-one deserves to be called “AN IDIOT,” “a RACIST,” or call anyone names for exercising rights guaranteed by the US and Washington State Constitution.

There are also other problems inherent in people living and working here illegally in America. For example: they work and may be paying taxes and they do not file tax returns because they will be "found out" and may be deported. Simple solution. Become a citizen of the United States and be an honest contributor to this country. Anyone is allowed to hold dual citizenship. Not a problem. It's only a problem because they choose not to become legal citizens. One very offensive act involves individuals and businesses hiring non-citizens and paying them subservient wages, and no benefits. This is illegal and degrades human dignity and respect ALL human beings deserve, regardless of citizenship status. To illustrate, the former Chief of Police in New York City, who was nominated to replace Tom Ridge as the head of the Homeland Security Administration, lied about having employed an illegal non-citizen, which ended up embarrassing the US President and caused him to withdraw from consideration.

Our elected and appointed representatives should have been enforcing the laws all along; something every citizen assumes they are doing. To find out they haven't been doing it is shocking, to say the least. Time to clean up the system, to make it as good as it can be. To "find" uncounted absentee ballots so long after the election has been certified is reprehensible and points to lax election procedures and incompetent training. Those people voted according to the law and their votes are not counted. Their voice has been taken away. For non-citizens to be voting, for convicts to be voting, for the dead to be voting, for people to be voting who are not registered, dilutes the votes of legal voters.

America is a wonderful country. We have freedoms and rights and privileges that other nations do not extend to their people. We have those rights and privileges because we have rules that govern our actions and keep things working in a fair and honest fashion, supposedly. When people fail to do their jobs completely and accurately, when problems such as this past election have brought to light occur: the system is broke.

The only course of action to take at this point is to identify all of the problems and institute corrections. Election reform is long past due.

RINGHOFER is obviously not indigenous to the United States, and I would welcome anyone giving me a call to question if I am a U.S. Citizen. In fact, it would make me feel proud to answer that I am a U.S. Citizen, and given the ridiculous election we have just witnesses, and participated in, anyone actually doing something to try to keep it from never happening again would renew my confidence in our election system.

Thank goodness we live in a country where we have the right to elect people to power and are not held hostage by those to assume it, no matter what.
Thank goodness we live in a country where we have the power to enact new laws to fix old injustices.

Let's get all the illegal voters legal so they to can join in legal voters' efforts to make this nation the best it can be.

A nasty turn in election challenge

The Seattle Times
Editorials / Opinions

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 a.m.

A nasty turn in election challenge

CHALLENGES of the state election system crossed the line from reasonable to unreasonable when a citizen tried to force more than a thousand people with foreign-sounding names to prove their right to vote.

Martin Ringhofer of Soap Lake has challenged voting credentials of 1,668 people in 12 counties based on the sound of their name. "The challenge of voters who may not be citizens is based on listing individuals whose first, middle and last name have no basis in the English language," he said. The effect is hideous racial and ethnic profiling and needless disruption of the lives of ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

The law allows a citizen to question credentials of another voter, but the challenger also must provide personal knowledge that the other person should not be allowed to vote. It should not be a wild guess — a fair description of Ringhofer's evidence so far.

Ringhofer has cast a ridiculously wide net in a fishing expedition that leaves county auditors and voters to reconcile later.

Ringhofer asked election officials to review voting credentials of voters in King, Spokane, Grant, Adams, Yakima and other counties, because their names "appear to be from outside the United States." Ringhofer targets voters with names that are Hispanic and Asian but also Russian and Ukranian.

Ringhofer, who voted for Dino Rossi for governor, appears to be acting alone. State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance condemned, and distanced himself from, this misguided campaign.

State election officials are not aware of a single documented instance where a non-citizen voted in the governor's race. That is not to say non-citizens did not vote or that non-citizens should vote. They should not.

Ringhofer believes many on his lists are illegal immigrants who registered to vote when they obtained or renewed a driver's license.

Ringhofer has attracted attention of the Department of Justice because he may be in violation of the federal Voting Rights Act, which prohibits use of different standards for voters based on perception of race.

This is a nasty turn in the election challenge. Ringhofer is engaged in a despicable witch hunt.

Copyright © 2005 The Seattle Times Company

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Man says votes from illegal immigrants

He culled list of voters for names that 'appear' foreign

Jim CamdenStaff writer
March 31, 2005

A Soap Lake man is challenging the voting credentials of hundreds of Washington voters, saying he thinks they're illegal immigrants who registered and cast ballots illegally.

But Martin Ringhofer may have a hard time proving the challenges he has filed in Spokane and 10 other Washington counties.

For one thing, there's the methodology of his research. Ringhofer said he obtained a list of people who registered to vote when they obtained or renewed a driver's license, then culled the list for names "that appear to be from outside the United States," particularly those that appeared to be Hispanic or Asian.

"We eliminated names that clearly sounded American-born, like John Smith, or Powell," he said Wednesday.

For another, there's the fact that many of the people on his list are citizens. In fact, The Spokesman-Review contacted a dozen of the 161 people on Ringhofer's Spokane County list, and all of them are citizens.

"It's kind of insulting that someone would decide because our name is different than Smith or Jones that we're not American," said Deborah Kay Carollo, of Spokane Valley, who is on the list with her husband, Anthony Carollo. "I was born at Sacred Heart. My husband's great-grandfather came over from Italy."

"I was born in Ithaca, N.Y., and have lived in the United States all my life," said Jon Garcia, another Valley resident on the list.

"That's crazy," said Felix Castro, of Spokane, who is on the list with his wife, Adela. Both were born in the United States.

Kimberly Espinosa, of Medical Lake, another American-born citizen, was surprised when told she was on a list of illegal immigrants who voted: "I'm going to kick somebody's butt."

Yousef Beyrouti, who was naturalized as an American citizen more than a year ago and then signed up to vote, said he wasn't angry to be on a list that questioned his eligibility to vote. But he suggested that Ringhofer should do a better job of research.

"In the United States, immigrants come from all over the world," Beyrouti said. "He should know better, that names don't mean a lot and you can't make judgments based on names."

Ringhofer, who filed the challenges on behalf of a group he calls Washington State Americans for Legal Immigration, acknowledged that his system for finding illegal aliens who vote could have problems.

"I was well aware of the fact that there would be errors," he said.

But he doesn't see that as a problem because people on the list who are citizens can simply tell county officials that they are citizens and provide some proof. It's not his responsibility to correct those mistakes, he insisted, but the job of county elections officials.

Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton disagrees. State statute says the person filing a challenge must prove "by clear and convincing evidence that the challenged voter's registration is improper," Dalton said.

"Otherwise, a flood of unsupported allegations could have a chilling effect upon the ability of segments of the population to register and vote," she said.

Ringhofer's challenges in Spokane and the other counties don't meet the strict requirements of the law, Dalton said.

He filed a single document that says he believes people registered to vote without proof of citizenship and attached a list with 161 names; Dalton and other auditors have concluded he needs to file a separate challenge for each name, with any proof that he has for that voter.

Told of Dalton's assessment of his challenge, Ringhofer said he hadn't been contacted by any elections officials but believes that his challenges are adequate. Although he's not an attorney, he believes he's correctly interpreting the law.

"I'm entitled, as a registered voter, as a U.S. citizen, to make that challenge," he said. He has an even bigger list he plans to file with King County.

The voters' challenges are Ringhofer's second challenge involving the state's elections process this year. In January, he tried to mount a recall of Secretary of State Sam Reed, who Ringhofer contended was guilty of malfeasance and misfeasance for allowing Democrat Christine Gregoire to be elected governor on the hand recount.

A Thurston County Superior Court said last month the charges listed in the recall petition were legally or factually insufficient, or both.

Ringhofer said some of the people involved in the Reed recall effort were supporting his challenge of illegal voters. Himself a legal immigrant, Ringhofer said "it's common knowledge" the nation has a problem with illegal aliens voting.

Ira Mehlman, of the Los Angeles-based Federation for American Immigration Reform, agreed that it is relatively easy for illegal immigrants to register to vote because proof of citizenship usually is not required.

"It happens," Mehlman said. "I don't know that anybody can quantify the problem."

But he questioned Ringhofer's method for picking suspected illegal alien voters. "You can't judge who's a citizen by the sound of a name. You can't draw a profile of what an American looks like."
Curtis Gans, director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate in Washington, D.C., called the registration of illegal aliens "a minor problem."

But trying to challenge such voters based on their names seems like "using a very blunt instrument" to address that problem, he added.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tossof vs. Havealot

Take a small town in Eastern Washington.

1,000 residents. 800 US citizens; 100 immigrants with green card; 100 illegal aliens w/o green card.

Of the 800 residents, who are US citizens, 400 register to vote; the other 400 don't register to vote for reasons of their own.

Of the 100 immigrants with a green card, 50 register to vote and sign the oath that they are a citizens. Likewise, 50 of the illegal aliens register to vote because they are not required to provide proof of citizenship.

In this example, 500 people are registered to vote. An election is held and 300 turn out to vote. The 300 are made up of the following:

[1] 150 are US citizens registered to vote
[2] 50 are provisional voters who never registered to vote; nobody knows who they are
[3] 25 are dead people who were registered at the time they died
[4] 25 are felons or convicts who where registered before they became a felon or a convict; they served their time and never had their privilege to vote reinstated
[5] 25 are immigrants with a green card, who registered to vote
[6] 25 are illegal aliens who registered to vote

Candidates in this scenario require 151 votes to prevail and win the election.

Candidates who receive 149 votes lose.

In this example, there are two candidates for Mayor: There is Dee Dee Tossof and Tina Havealot.

Tina Havealot gets 155 votes.

Dee Dee Tossof gets 145 votes.

Question #1: Who wins the election?
Question #2: How many people should have been "entitled" to vote? Why?
Question #3: Should each vote cast be worth 1/300th?
Question #4: Was anyone's vote stolen? If yes or no, why?
Question #5: Should every vote count? If yes or no, why?
Question #6: Who should win this election and why?
Question #7: What should happen with the outcome of the election, and why.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Between 50,230 and 87,000 illegal aliens Registered to vote

Based on "preliminary data" from the Grant County elections Department, 30-40% of illegal aliens are registered and voting; with another 30-40% registered and AFRAID to vote, nevertheless registered.

Registering alone is a serious fine and jail time; registering and voting is added jail time and fine. The illegalk aliens are most likely to play "ignorant" and merely say they were asked if the wanted to register, so they did. They will claim their English is not good enough for them to understand.

If they got a driver's license, their English has to be good enough to know what it means to BE or NOT to BE a US Citizens.

Randomly picking 62 names from the DOL List who reside in Grant County, WA, with either a Hispanic, Russian, or Foreign sounding last name, the Grant County Elections Department was asked to identify the following, and see their response:

1. Are they registered voters in Grant County; SEE LIST

2. Do you have a completed registration signed by the individual attesting they are a U.S. Citizen; YES

3. Does Grant County ask the individual if they are a US Citizens and/or does the county require proof of US Citizenship when the individual registers to vote; NOT AT THAT TIME- WE TELL THEM TO READ THE OATH ATTESTING TO THAT FACT

4. Did these individuals vote in the 2004 Primary and the 2004 General Elections. SEE LIST

From 62: 51 were registered to vote. Though 51 were registered to vote, only 23 of the 62 had voted, some going back 11 years. 28 of 62 were registered but had NEVER voted or were inactive voters.

The 23 who were are registered and had voted represent a 37% of the random sample of 62.

We will have to determine how many of these people who registered are U.S.
Citizens, and who are illegal Aliens. After we determine that, we'll have to get this information for the other 38 other counties and see how those numbers play. Whichever way you cut it, there is no way we can ever be assured of honest elections, devoid of illegal aliens voting, without a 100% re-registration of all voters in this state.

This is "preliminary data" and we are working on getting the rest for Grant County, and plan to prioritize getting this data for the other 38 counties, specially Eastern WA where a high concentration of illegal aliens are known to reside.

If the 37% holds true for all 39 WA counties, based on INS figures of 136,000 to 235,000 illegal aliens in our state, we had between 50,230 and 87,000 illegal aliens Registered to vote and voting in our September 2004 Primary and November 2004 General Election.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Recall Reed appeal was filed in the Supreme Court Tuesday morning 03/08/05.

The Recall Reed Team is discussing the bigger picture of this RECALL REED effort of whether "the people" who reserve certain rights for themselves, and do not delegate to their elected representatives, have the constitutional right "to expect" their elected officials and representatives, at ALL levels, TO UPHOLD and enforce the Constitution.

What in the constitution or the RCW's gives these elected officials and Judges the right to TAKE AWAY the right of the people to collect signatures, as a precursor to making the case to the recall an elected official for wrong doing, not allowed or expected to perform, in their official capacity?

CLEARLY: the King County Prosecutor filing charges against 99 King County Felons who voted is STEP ONE toward undoing this fraudulent election which SAM REED ought NEVER have certified.

Again: SAM REED is becoming less relevant to this RECALL effort, as the big picture really is:

(1) Do the people have the right to expect their elected officials to uphold our State Constitution, and

(2) Can "the people" fire officials who VIOLATE the constitutional requirements.

Didn't we go through this with our Declaration for Independence in 1776? It is OBSCENE that we have elected officials who waive sign language and use taxes to defend their ILLEGAL ACTIONS against the interests of the people.

It is very telling that Paul Berendt, the State Democratic Chair, DEFENDS the REPUBLICAN Sam Reed -- NOT Chris Vance, the GOP State Chair. THINK about it.

As to meeting both LEGAL and FACTUAL insufficiency on our Recall Charges: we laid out the charges as NINE SEPARATE charges for a reason. We did so, to compartmentalize them into chunks, which make up a whole -- that of a SET of charges, all of them combined making up a battery of charges. Think of it as a "battery" of tests when they analyze your health by drawing blood. One test by itself may look good; but when you add them all up, you get a composite picture.

It is indisputable in Judge Wickham's OWN WORDS, that:

On some of the nine charges, we met legal sufficiency.

On some, we met FACTUAL sufficiency.

When looked at by the "unobservant" and the "mainstream media," our case was dismissed on 02/14/05.

When looked at by NINE Supreme Judges, at least 5 Judges will not be fooled and will see what really happened: we met LEGAL AND FACTUAL sufficiency if you look at all nine charges as a battery of charges, all of which are part of one set of charges which we could have submitted as ONE CHARGE.

In case you have not heard of it, Paul Berendt, the Democratic State Chair has publicly accused me and Linda to be stooges for Carl Rove, and that we were put up to RECALL REED by Carl Rove and the National GOP. Utterly ridiculous. Anyone who knows me and Linda Jordan knows we have been and remain totally NONPARTISAN, have no connection with Carl Rove, the GOP anywhere, and have no idea where Paul Berendt got such NONSENSE. Categorically totally fabricated and a blatant lie and Paul Berendt knows it! It is disgraceful that anyone would make such a charge when they know it is a ridiculous and preposterous lie. Why do I say this? Simple. I know it is FALSE, and as such, I know Paul Berendt cannot dig up any evidence to support such a ridiculous charge.

Twenty-four hours ago, Harry Stonecipher, the Boeing CEO, was FIRED for having an improper relationship with a company executive. None of this has to do with Harry's "official" duties as CEO and was not done at the expense of doing his job. Though morally wrong, and violation of company ethics, that's what it was.

By comparison, SAM REED violated his oath of office, violated countless State Laws, violated the State Constitution, with implications far greater then Harry Stonecipher having a relationship with another company executive, and SAM REED is DEFENDED by the Attorney General, at a tab of $250,000 legal fund paid by us -- the taxpayers -- and defended by a Judge who readily admits that SAM REED Legally and Factually violated provisions which entitle the people to merely collect 660,000 signatures, to ultimately decide whether ALL of the people choose to fire or retain him.

When you think about the above, I bring to your attention that it is an admitted fact by SAM REED's Office, that when Initiative, and Referendum Signatures are checked --
TWENTY PERCENT are ILLEGAL. Apply the same standard to the nearly four million voters in this last election, and by SAM REED'S Own statistics, 800,000 were ILLEGAL and SAM REED has done "nothing" to correct the problem.

In fact, Sam Reed has done EVERYTHING possible to make sure that all the possible and potential illegal voters do indeed VOTE.

Friday, February 25, 2005


The “Recall Reed” team has filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the opinion handed down by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham in the recall of Secretary of State Sam Reed.

All nine charges were rejected by Judge Wickham on February 14 for failing to meet either one or both of the legal and factual sufficiency requirements of the state’s recall statute.The Motion for Reconsideration is an optional step in the recall statute. Instead of immediately appealing the decision to the Supreme Court, the petitioners have requested Judge Wickham to review his February 14 decision based on “manifest error”.

We argue that he showed a complete disregard for controlling law and credible evidence in the record when he failed to find that the recall charges were legally and factually sufficient.

In addition, the “Recall Reed” team has also presented additional case law and new facts that, despite the diligence of the team, did not come to its attention until after Judge Wickham’s February 14, 2005 ruling.

A favorable ruling, based on the motion, would allow the recall petition to move forward with a signature-gathering drive to collect 600,000 valid signatures to remove Secretary of State Sam Reed from office.

The recall was filed against Secretary of State Reed by Martin Ringhofer and Linda Jordan, who have charged the Secretary of State with malfeasance and misfeasance in office, and violating his oath of office in the conduct of the 2004 election.

Cited in one of the charges, for example, as Washington’s chief election officer, Secretary of State Reed’s foremost duty during the election was to certify the county auditor’s certification of vote tally from each of the 39 counties. By law, he does not have the option of accepting incomplete certifications. Yet, he did, which precipitated the “raging” controversy of the 2004 election.

Contact: Linda Jordan
The Recall of Sam Reed

Thursday, February 17, 2005


PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

Contact: Linda Jordan
The Recall of Sam Reed
Phone: (206) 723-6471


Media reports that an effort to recall Secretary of State Sam Reed cannot move forward is misleading.

Judge Chris Wickham ruled that he did not think the recall should go forward but that decision can and will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Wickham's role was to determine whether the charges were "legally and factually sufficient" enough to move forward to a signature gathering stage. Reed failed to uphold election law in several ways. One example: Secretary Reed is not allowed to accept incomplete certifications of vote tallies from counties. He did. Could you imagine being able to tell the bank that you have $3,000 in your account when your deposit records show you only have $1,200? And then demanding that they count that phantom $1,800 as if it were real? Do you think the Bank President is just going to give you that phantom $1,800 dollars even though you cannot explain how, where or when you deposited it?

King County forwarded to the Secretary of State 1,800 more votes than they had voters. They did not and still cannot reconcile that difference. By law the Secretary should have rejected that vote tally until all votes they submitted could be tied to a voter. Talk about stuffing the ballot box.
Here is part of what Judge Chris Wickham ruled:

Recall Charges: 1 through 6: Reed ignored numerous voting irregularities and discrepancies, particularly in King County.

Wickham ruled: that petitioners failed to make any specific allegations as to facts, failed to show wrongful conduct on the part of the Secretary of State, and found charges 1 through 6 to be factually insufficient. (He did not find they were legally insufficient)

Petitioners disagree with the courts opinion. Petitioners provided sufficient supporting evidence that Secretary Sam Reed failed to enforce uniform election laws, failed to enforce his own emergency rules, and by ignoring these he indeed acted in a manner which clearly exceeds discretion and actually knowingly violated election laws.

Note: Judge Wickham did not find charges 1 through 6 to be legally insufficient. (He did not find them factually insufficient)

Recall Charge 7: Reed "accepted, as complete, the abstract of votes from 24 counties even though they did not provide all the material required by statute and regulations," Wickham ruled: there is no evidence that these irregularities are substantial enough to have made a difference in actions taken by the Secretary, accordingly the court found charge 7 both factually and legally insufficient.

Petitioners disagree with the courts opinion. Petitioners provided ample sufficient supporting evidence that Secretary Sam Reed was required not to certify the election results and does not have the discretion to accept, as complete, the abstract of votes from counties which came to Secretary Reed without all the material required by statute and regulations. Reed does not have the discretion to accept incomplete results from the counties as complete. We believe Charge 7 is factually and legally sufficient

Recall Charge 8: Reed failed to enforce standards for the proper and uniform running of elections in the various counties. The essence of the allegation is that the Secretary failed to effectively oversee the voting procedures of the 39 counties.

Wickham ruled: the allegations are legally insufficient. (He did not find that it was factually insufficient)

Recall Charge 9: Reed wrongfully certified the final count in the November 2, 2004 Governor's race despite his knowledge of various irregularities and violations. Wickham ruled: that Charge 9 is legally insufficient. (He did not find that it was factually insufficient.)

Petitioners believe we provided ample evidence of numerous and substantial violations in the election process in various counties and that;

[1] Secretary Reed had substantial knowledge of those violations.
[2] Secretary Reed’s duty to certify the results from the various counties is not ministerial and is not discretionary.

Petitioners believe we provided sufficient evidence and factual data. Enough to make our case to the voters, to be able to convince them that Sam Reed neglected to perform his duties imposed by law and failed to uphold election law. Petitioners did show sufficiently that Reed unreasonably carried out his duties (or failed to carry them out) in such a way as to constitute misfeasance, malfeasance, and / or the violation of his oath of office.In the 2004 Online Voters' Guide, Secretary of State pledged: “My office is replacing hanging chads and punch cards with safe and secure voting equipment. Together, we've registered nearly 300,000 new voters. Following the Florida debacle in 2000 and new federal mandates, experience is more critical than ever for the Secretary of State". Sam Reed said, “My 20-plus years of knowledge and expertise will ensure that every vote is counted correctly.”

“Correctly” is the operative word here. Counting illegal votes, allowing new votes and "lost" ballots to be added in during the second and third count, is illegal. It is INCORRECT. The chief election officer of our state, Secretary Reed, has a responsibility to uphold election laws. It's that simple.

Currently, Reed is on the trail conducting public meetings about how he's going to clean things up in the future, how’s he's going to make new election laws for the future elections. "Look at what I'm going to do in the future but forget about what I just did during the last three and a half months."

Folks, we have laws on the books right now governing our election process, Mr. Reed just didn't follow them.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Secretary of State Skates on Election Law Violations: Ballots that once were lost but then were found isn't a religious experience

“While a “raging controversy” may have brought these numerous election law violations to light, it did not cause them. Quite the contrary, it was Secretary Sam Reed’s failure to enforce election laws and his failure to abide by those laws that caused a “raging controversy”. (The Recall of Sam Reed No.05-2-00222-8, Thurston County Superior Court)

“Ballots that once were lost but then were found isn’t a religious experience its a violation of election law. The Secretary of State knows that. The law is clear, when you do a “recount” you can only count votes that were already counted. It was his job to keep illegal votes and voters out.” Linda Jordan

In King County alone, after the November 2, 2004 election, "lost ballots" were found 9 times after the original votes were counted. Reed allowed them to be added into the recount and guess what? King County ended up with 1,800 more votes than voters and Christine Gregoire (D) ends up winning the governor ship over Dino Rossi (R) by 129 votes. Rossi won the first count and the first recount but the third hand recount was the charm for Democrats who found votes under tables, behind machines, three's probably even a few down Sandy Berger's pants they left out.

Secretary Reeds refusal to follow the law “affected, interrupted and interfered” with the performance of his official duty as the chief election official of Washington state. He should have never certified the November 2, 2004 election. When he certified that election debacle he wasn't following the law he was violating it.

“We made an excellent case. The Judge ruled that many of our charges were factually and legally sufficient but then he goes ahead and says that we cant let the people see the facts and judge for themselves. That doesn't make any sense. We’re going all the way with this one. This isn't about Republicans or Democrats, it's about fair elections.” Martin Ringhofer

Press Contact:

Also: See

Friday, February 11, 2005

Rossi the Front Leader at 55%

In a new election for the Washington State's Governor, vote for one of the following candidates:

Mary Lane (R) 0 %
Slade Gorton (R) 0 %
Bill Finkbeiner (R) 0 %
Chris Vance (R) (1) %
Dino Rossi (R) (24) 55 %
Ron Sims (D) 0 %
Chris tine Gregoire (D) (3) 6 %
Phil Talmadge (D) (2) 4 %
Maria Cantwell (D) 0 %
None of the Above (13) 30 %
Vote in this poll
Total Votes: 43

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Reed Recall Petition to Thurston Superior Court by the Attorney General

Here is the much awaited petition hundreds of you have requested. We go forward into court on Monday and are confident the court will grant the Recall to go forward.

We have sought price and scheduling information from major and community news tabloids to print and insert the petition in their publication. If any of you would like a camera ready copy, write us and it will be emailed to you upon request.



In accordance with RCW
29A.72.140; know the following:

Petition for the recall of the Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed to the Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed:

We, the undersigned citizens and legal voters of the state of Washington, respectfully direct that a special election be called to determine whether or not Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed be recalled and discharged from his office, for and on account of having committed the act or acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office, or having violated his or her oath in the following particulars:


The statement of charges alleges that Sam Reed, as Washington Secretary of State, failed to comply with statutory duties of his office in certifying the November 2, 2004, Washington State General Election, as follows:

Was aware of the following deficiencies in King County election returns prior to certification:

1. Counted approximately 1,800 more votes than people who voted;
2. Included additional ballots discovered 9 different times;
3. Allowed at least 348 provisional ballots to be fed into counting machines without first being canvassed for legality;
4. Included votes of at least 557 people who may not have been properly registered to vote;
5. Was aware prior to certification that more than 55,000 ballots were enhanced by election workers in a manner preventing review of those decisions.
6. Accepted from 24 counties abstracts of votes not providing all material required by statute and regulation.
7. Failed to perform rule making duties detailed in RCW 29A.O4.610.
8. Certified the November 2, 2004 election knowing that election laws and regulations had been violated.


and each of us for himself or herself says: I have personally signed this petition; I am a legal voter of the State of Washington in the precinct and city (or town) and county written after my name, and my residence address is correctly stated, and to my knowledge, have signed this petition only once.

No. Name Residence Address City State Zip Code County E-mail Address

Return to: Recall Sam Reed, P.O. Box 216, Soap Lake, WA 98851,,, Linda Jordan, 206) 723-6471.

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