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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

737 Illegal Votes

Republicans have discovered and verified 737 illegal votes in Washington's ultra-close governor's election, state party leaders said Wednesday

Vance said Wednesday that Republicans determined the number of felons who voted illegally by comparing voting rolls from the secretary of state with a list of convicted felons from the State Patrol, and checking each name to determine whether the person's voting rights had been restored.

Vance said the 737 illegal votes broke down like this:

-186 felons in King County

-54 felons from elsewhere in the state

-44 people who died before absentee ballots were mailed

-10 who voted twice in Washington state

-6 who voted in Washington and another state

-437 provisional ballots that were illegally fed directly into voting machines, as reported by King, Pierce and Stevens counties.

And the number of illegal votes will only keep getting larger.Comment on Entry:
737 Illegal Votes, authored by Stefan Sharkansky

Although 737 seems like a lot, and more should be explored, that still pales in comparison to the thousands of "mystery ballots" which should also be a major point of argument.

Posted by
supercat at January 26, 2005 09:23 PM

Direct quote from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation web site:

PRESS RELEASE January 25, 2005

Sec. of State refuses to change with the law

OLYMPIA—At today’s public hearing conducted by the office of the Secretary of State (SOS) on changes to Washington’s provisional ballot rules, Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) President Bob Williams testified that the lack of uniform standards in processing provisional ballots has seriously damaged the credibility of Washington’s elections process. According to Williams, this is a problem that is not addressed by the current Washington Administrative Code (WACs) changes currently under consideration.

“Validation rates have varied from 41% to 92% in the counties. Some counties did not verify signatures as required by state law,” said Williams, who oversees EFF’s Voter Integrity Project and its citizen action wing, Grassroots Washington. “On November 24, Secretary Reed said he would use his rule making authority to ensure absentee ballots and provisional ballots are treated the same across the state. These eleven rules changes do not do that!”

Williams called on the SOS to adopt WACs that would require reconciliation between the number of ballots and the number of eligible voters; more security measures at the polls; a color coded system for ballots; and an end to political parties being given access to the names of provisional voters.

Williams also noted that all eleven proposed rules fail to cite the current law (RCW 29A). Many of the changes suggested by EFF are required by law under the 2003 election reform package, yet the SOS apparently views them as optional.

“We’ve been told by the AG’s office that ‘shall’ really doesn’t mean ‘shall,’” said SOS representative Sheryl Moss, who manages the Certification and Training Program in the State Elections Division. Moss permitted “limited testimony” from Mr. Williams, but appeared not to recognize the urgency in making any real changes immediately. “I anticipate there will be proposed legislation on the subject, so we [SOS] will be waiting to see what the legislature enacts,” she said.Williams disagrees: “With spring elections rapidly approaching and the possibility of a recount still at hand, these changes need to made now!”

Boonie at January 26, 2005 09:29 PM

People get that illegal votes shouldn't be counted; it appeals to their sense of fairness.Talk about mystery ballots, and you lose them.

Posted by
South County at January 26, 2005 09:33 PM

But Stefan, don't you KNOW that all those people voted for Rossi anyway, so it wouldn't affect the outcome of the election?

Posted by
Howard Hirsch at January 26, 2005 09:37 PM

Hopefully in addition to these 737 - there are many that they are not talking about publicly. I agree South County, lack of fair play doesn't sit well with Washington voters - other than those perpetrating this fraud of an election of course.

Posted by
CP at January 26, 2005 09:38 PM

It is heart warming to see that none of the dead people voted twice. Their restraint is to be commended.

Perhaps we should commend the many felons who didn't vote also, unless their reason for not voting is that they were back in the slammer or not yet on work release.

Posted by
Keith at January 26, 2005 09:44 PM

Nice - I look forward to see what else surfaces before Feb 4.

If you check the pulse of King Co liberal nazi's on the Times opinion page, they believe the best solution is to give felons their voting rights back as soon as they are released.


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