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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's Official: Josef's Public Journal ENDORSES Recalling SecState Sam Reed


"Bring On Recallington"Somewhere in the Blogosphere - Josef of Josef's Public Journal is declaring his support of the recall of Sam Reed from Secretary of State (SecState) for, "his gross malfeasance in certifying the election before ballots were correlated to voters by a margin less than the spread between the two gubernatorial candidates".

As he blogged about HERE, SecState Reed certified the 2004 gubernatorial election without waiting for ballot reconciliation. This turned out to be a gross mistake, for hundreds - if not thousands - more ballots than voters existed in an election decided by 129 votes.

"This shouldn't be that much of a shock. HERE Laura Ruderman, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State documented SecState Reed's failings... before 2 November 2004. Maybe a few people should have listened. But for now, very respectfully: The time has came and went for SecState Reed to go and Republicans to put their bloody 11th Commandment in the shredder," roars Josef the Dinocrat.

Roaring some more, he says: "But oh, there's more. The official Recall Sam Reed blog - - HERE spells out the leggy casus belli to smoke this guy. If anybody should be told this after Christine Gregoire it's Sam Reed: "WE'RE COMING, YOU'RE GOING, DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!" (Actual US Senator John F. Kerry quote posted by a Kerry-Edwards Dinocrat)

Also, knowing that another Kerry-Edwards Democrat like Mike Murphy and potentially or if the Lt. Gov'r has to take the Governor's chair from the Governor-PRETEND, then another Democrat like Brian Sonntag could get it, gives Josef more reason than ever to press on.

"The State Constitution spells out that SecState Reed being recall means a step-up for the guy directly under him, namely State Treasurer Mike Murphy," says a reassured Josef.

He finally has a simple message for his beloved Defense Secretary: "MARUMMY: HELP IS ON THE WAY!"


At 6:47 PM, Blogger recallreed blog said...

Your endorsement of the effort will prove to be the beginning of the end for Sam Reed in office. You took your time to analyze the FACTS, did your homework, and you clearly set yourself apart from other blogers who are beginning to show their partisanship. It would be wise for Sam Reed to seriously consider resigning from his office, avoid the public grilling and save himself the humiliation.

I am not a partisan in the truest sense of the word, and would feel and do as I do regardless whether Rossi or Gregoire prevailed in this fraudulent election Sam Reed certified.

Every American, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and of other affiliation, ought to be totally outraged. We need a lot less talk about REFORM and need a lot more enforcement of EXISTING RCW's, WAC's, Oaths of Office, and not allow anyone to sidetrack the focus of attention on getting rid of any elected and appointed public official who shrugs their shoulders at the fiasco now unfolding before our eyes and our ears.

The people have a clear reason to stand up and be counted.

Thank you, Josef. We have not met, but we have exchanged emails, and I have reviewed much of what you have published.

You are not only meticulous and an exceptional communicator, but you are out front showing the way among blogers. There is no doubt in my mind that without the blogers and without yours in particular, the sheer ineptitude of some of our elected and appointed officials would never have seen the light of day.


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