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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Latest Missive From Gregoire

[Editor's note: Below is the latest Grade AA Bulls--t (as in the Beef rating) from your Governor-PRETEND]

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for all you have done to help get Chris Gregoire elected.

You were there with us every step of the way, during the campaign, during the recount, and now through endless ugly republican attacks.

Now you join us in celebrating a new governor who every day proves she is well worth the wait.

Barely moved into her new office, Chris Gregoire is working hard for the people of Washington State and winning recognition for early successes.

Spotlight on Washington

This weekend we were thrilled when Governor Gregoire was chosen to represent Democratic governors and deliver the Democratic Party’s response to President Bush’s weekly radio address to the nation. This national distinction is rarely given to new governors.

Governor Gregoire pushed President Bush to be more responsive to the needs of the states. "Like other governors, we face tough challenges here in Washington state -- challenges that often frequently require a partnership with the federal government. But too often, the states feel the federal partnership is more promise than reality," she said.

Chris is showing she is ready to stand up to anyone to protect the interests of Washington State.

Read a full copy of her remarks by
clicking here.

Taking Action on Healthcare

Governor Gregoire has wasted no time shaking things up in our Capitol and delivering on the commitments that she made through the course of the campaign.

Her first major set of reform proposals target our state's growing health care crisis.

Last week, with the stroke of a pen, Governor Gregoire stopped 19,000 kids from losing health insurance, moving our state toward her goal of universal health coverage for our kids.

The Seattle Times praised her saying "Gov. Chris Gregoire showed the right priorities in launching her term with a reversal of the rules that could’ve cost 19,000 children their state-sponsored health-care coverage." [Seattle Times, 1/24/05]

The measure was part of a five-point health care reform initiative that she announced last week. Chris also offered proposals to:

Reduce the cost of prescription drugs

Allow private employers to buy health insurance through the state Form a task force to find better ways to finance long-term healthcare services At the announcement Chris said "It is imperative that we address the health care and prescription-drug crisis facing our citizens. This is a national problem that begs for a national solution; we can’t truly solve this problem at the state level, but we can make a difference." [Seattle PI, 1/20/05]

Learn more by clicking here.

New Appointments, A New Beginning for Washington

The face of Olympia is changing. Chris is working hard to surround herself with a talented team ready to shake things up.

Yesterday, Governor Gregoire announced three important appointments. She appointed Harold Clarke, Chief of Nebraska’s prison system, to head the Washington Department of Corrections and asked for an independent review of the agency.

Chris also appointed Seattle attorney Richard Mitchell to the position of staff council. Kurt Fritts, Executive Director of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, was appointed to act as the Governor’s Director of External Affairs.

Read the Associated Press article on her announcements by clicking here.

If you are proud of your governor and all the good work she is doing, if you oppose republican attempts to stop progress in our state, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper by clicking here.

Thank you again for all you have done to help Chris Gregoire become governor and move our state forward.

Tracy Newman


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Josef said...

I almost wondered why you copied this (I don't mind at all) except for this missive:

"You were there with us every step of the way, during the campaign, during the recount, and now through endless ugly republican attacks."

Note the small-r and then go HERE and look for:

- - - - -
2: having the supreme power lying in the body of citizens entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them or characteristic of such government; "the United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government"
- - - - -

Or THIS for the word "republic"

a) A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them.
b) A nation that has such a political order.

Take the scoop and run, I say!

Both Marummy and I were getting each other worked up about it yesterday... as she told me they're going after felons voting.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.


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