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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Recall push yields new petition



Activists angry about how the governor's race was handled have filed a new petition seeking to recall Secretary of State Sam Reed.

The petition, which has more details than an earlier version, now will be sent to the Attorney General's Office for review and a potential hearing before a judge to determine its sufficiency, according to Joanie Nacke, spokeswoman for Reed's office.

Martin Ringhofer, a resident of King and Grant counties, started the petition after growing dissatisfied with Reed's certification of the governor's race results, giving Democrat Christine Gregoire the victory by 129 votes over Republican Dino Rossi.

Ringhofer is convinced, just as Rossi's legal team is, that election errors contributed to Gregoire's win and that a new election is needed to restore voter confidence in the system. Reed, a Republican, has said before through his spokesmen that he isn't concerned. Nacke repeated that assessment Wednesday.

"I honestly don't think anyone is taking it that seriously," Nacke said.

Nacke said she based that on "all the editorials that have come out in support" of Reed and discounting the recall.

Ringhofer has created a Web site at recallreedblog. to further the campaign. He said in a news release this week that he hopes to collect 665,000 valid signatures of voters to force the recall election.

"Forget the hanging chad. Here in Washington, we have dead people voting, felons voting. We have more votes than we have people who voted. We have ballots being found under tables, elections workers guessing how 55,000 voters really meant to vote if only they had been smart enough to fill in that bubble," Ringhofer said in a written statement.

An attorney has been assigned to write the petition and title that would be forwarded to a Superior Court judge for review, said Jim Pharris, a senior assistant attorney general. The agency has 15 days to do that.

"You can't recall someone just because you don't like them anymore. It has to be something that would amount to official misconduct," Pharris said.

"You don't have to prove it's true, but the allegation, if true, has to be sufficient" to qualify as misfeasance or malfeasance by the official.

It's not clear if Reed can be recalled in his second term for actions he took in his first term. Reed certified the last of the election results last month.

"It could be a legal question," Pharris said.

Brad Shannon is political editor of The Olympian. He can be reached at 360-753-1688 or


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