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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sam Reed's Office writes 01/05/2005

The following was written by someone in SAM REEDS Office on Wed, January 5, 2005:

"We have received thousands of pieces of correspondence in the last several weeks and, unfortunately, I am only one person.

Many of your comments are in reference to the authority and jurisdiction of this office. I would invite you to review Article III, Section 17 of the Washington State Constitution and Chapter 43.07 of the Revised Code of Washington for a full description of the authority granted to Secretary Reed. If you have specific concerns regarding the State's election laws I would recommend Title 29A of the Revised Code of Washington. I have responded to the majority of your points below:

You mentioned the discrepancies in the King County. State law mandates that Elections are administered by the County. Although they are required to report and certify the number of ballots cast, the voter roles (which are the source of the current discrepancy) are not submitted to the State and are used by the County to prepare budgetary and staffing needs for future elections. It typically takes several months to reconcile the voter lists. They contain the name of any person that submitted a ballot, whether that ballot was valid, or not. Many names will not appear on the list at all due to the number of registered voters that are enrolled in the State Address Confidentiality Program. These are people that have been victims of violent crimes and whose safety requires absolute anonymity in public records.

We are continuing to monitor the discrepancies in King County. Although the office of the Secretary of State does not enjoy the policing or regulatory authority enjoyed by the Attorney General's Office, Secretary Reed has dedicated staff to investigate the problems there. Please be assured that if fraudulent votes have been found by the courts during the review of the reconciliation, then those votes will be thrown out. Both parties are well aware of state law regulating fraudulent votes and are activey reviewing the list of voters in all 39 counties.

The "certification" (what is legally referred to as filing the amended abstract of the original election results) is a legal formality recognizing that Secretary Reed has received the results of the manual recount from the 39 counties. Secretary Reed had a statutory obligation to sign the amended abstract. The action taken on the 30th of December in no way will impede either candidate, either party, or any registered voter from contesting the election results. It was simply a legally necessary step in the election process.

You expressed concern regarding the acceptance of ballots from our military personnel serving overseas. We have been assured by the County Auditors that all military ballots were mailed well within the federally recommended 45 day transit period. This has been confirmed by the Department of Justice. It is our understanding, however, that several members of our military were serving in combat zones and were unable to receive their mail. State law allowed County Auditors to accept absentee ballots from those stationed overseas until November 17th of 2004. Unfortunately, this deadline is set into state law.

Secretary Reed has advocated moving our State's September Primary Election date to an earlier month in order to allow even more transit time for ballots going to and being returned by our military voters. Secretary Reed has also worked with the Department of Defense on alternative methods of voting for military personnel including vote by fax or secured internet. Please be assured that our staff is working diligently to investigate more effective means of collecting ballots from registered voters that are residing or serving overseas. Our suggestions regarding this matter will be submitted to the 2005 Legislature with the complete package of election reform proposals.

Secretary Reed has been very careful to ensure that all of his, and his staff's, actions have strictly adhered to state and federal guidelines during this election. He has proudly upheld his sworn duty to the people, and to the Constitutions of the United States, and the great State of Washington.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding his actions I would be happy to have a rational and respectful conversation with you at any time. Please feel free to contact me at your discretion. "


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like reading some of the various blogs that are posted because I am more & more convinced that at least we are getting an honest, open evaluation of the issues like on FreeRepublic or SoundPolitics. I also read and National Review Online to get a good cross section of news.

Last night I happened to click across Nightline with George Stephanopolus doing the show and within a few minutes turned it off or to another station..... more of their obligatory drivel on Iraq, and extensive (slanted, biased) coverage on 6 National Guardsmen from Louisiana who were killed and being returned back to LA. George & the leftist Senator from LA, Mary Landreaux, were all contrite & pandering in their ad nauseum sympathy for the deaths & sacrifice of these soldiers and the ones left behind.

I felt like throwing up as they ran painfully through their excruciating coverage...... unfortunately the left wing DemonRATS and their left wing propaganda news machine are too stupid & out of touch with common human decency & values to realize that their view of honoring the dead is actually dishonoring the memories of these soldiers by implicitly giving the impression that these soldiers died for nothing. RAT B#$tards!

If I were the families I would be furious at the demeaning view of the sacrifice of these soldiers. Anyway I flipped over to TBN within a few minutes just to cleanse my mind from the filth & coverage of ABC Nightline. Glad I rarely watch any network news media any longer.

Anyway, good luck with the revote battle and recall battle. We gotta fight & persevere & win against the devious RAT B#$tards.


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