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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Yes, Sam Reed failed his job, totally.

YES, Sam Reed failed in his job, totally.

After the first vote when we knew there was going to be a recount, by automatic kick in from election laws, Reed did not size up the situation with any wisdom. Stong, precise, detailed information on how to proceed with total uniformity in all cased, in all matters, for all counties, THAT was the call of the day- stictly enforced by the august Sec. of State. Imposed, enforced, totally uniform standards, on all counties- and he has that power.

Sam wimped out- too bad. There was a lot at stake for voters, for him, and the body politic, Sam has a lot of experience in elections, decades, all the resouces and experts in the world at his call, he wimped out in his moment of fame. Second class stuff in my opinion. Not leadership.


At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Gregoire got 730K from Kerry campaign to buy her way into the Gov.'s mansion in Olympia WA. But today as the ReVote Rally is ready thousands more voting irregularities are being reported, with many in King Co. For people outside the state it is too bad they do not know exactly how ruthless Gregoire and her husband Mike are. Christine's record at Dept. of Ecology was simply amazing. She's made a lot of costly blunders as AG. And did you know her husband worked for her in the AG's office?

I had to move from WA because Locke, Reed, Gregoire and others would not bring attention to the law violations that denied my right to vote with safety, as it did to many other crime victims in the state.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Josef said...

Please note that this was a COMMENT from a Gregocrat.

(I know because I post comments at daily and engage in dialogue w/ the commentors there.)


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