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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Between 50,230 and 87,000 illegal aliens Registered to vote

Based on "preliminary data" from the Grant County elections Department, 30-40% of illegal aliens are registered and voting; with another 30-40% registered and AFRAID to vote, nevertheless registered.

Registering alone is a serious fine and jail time; registering and voting is added jail time and fine. The illegalk aliens are most likely to play "ignorant" and merely say they were asked if the wanted to register, so they did. They will claim their English is not good enough for them to understand.

If they got a driver's license, their English has to be good enough to know what it means to BE or NOT to BE a US Citizens.

Randomly picking 62 names from the DOL List who reside in Grant County, WA, with either a Hispanic, Russian, or Foreign sounding last name, the Grant County Elections Department was asked to identify the following, and see their response:

1. Are they registered voters in Grant County; SEE LIST

2. Do you have a completed registration signed by the individual attesting they are a U.S. Citizen; YES

3. Does Grant County ask the individual if they are a US Citizens and/or does the county require proof of US Citizenship when the individual registers to vote; NOT AT THAT TIME- WE TELL THEM TO READ THE OATH ATTESTING TO THAT FACT

4. Did these individuals vote in the 2004 Primary and the 2004 General Elections. SEE LIST

From 62: 51 were registered to vote. Though 51 were registered to vote, only 23 of the 62 had voted, some going back 11 years. 28 of 62 were registered but had NEVER voted or were inactive voters.

The 23 who were are registered and had voted represent a 37% of the random sample of 62.

We will have to determine how many of these people who registered are U.S.
Citizens, and who are illegal Aliens. After we determine that, we'll have to get this information for the other 38 other counties and see how those numbers play. Whichever way you cut it, there is no way we can ever be assured of honest elections, devoid of illegal aliens voting, without a 100% re-registration of all voters in this state.

This is "preliminary data" and we are working on getting the rest for Grant County, and plan to prioritize getting this data for the other 38 counties, specially Eastern WA where a high concentration of illegal aliens are known to reside.

If the 37% holds true for all 39 WA counties, based on INS figures of 136,000 to 235,000 illegal aliens in our state, we had between 50,230 and 87,000 illegal aliens Registered to vote and voting in our September 2004 Primary and November 2004 General Election.


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