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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Recall Reed appeal was filed in the Supreme Court Tuesday morning 03/08/05.

The Recall Reed Team is discussing the bigger picture of this RECALL REED effort of whether "the people" who reserve certain rights for themselves, and do not delegate to their elected representatives, have the constitutional right "to expect" their elected officials and representatives, at ALL levels, TO UPHOLD and enforce the Constitution.

What in the constitution or the RCW's gives these elected officials and Judges the right to TAKE AWAY the right of the people to collect signatures, as a precursor to making the case to the recall an elected official for wrong doing, not allowed or expected to perform, in their official capacity?

CLEARLY: the King County Prosecutor filing charges against 99 King County Felons who voted is STEP ONE toward undoing this fraudulent election which SAM REED ought NEVER have certified.

Again: SAM REED is becoming less relevant to this RECALL effort, as the big picture really is:

(1) Do the people have the right to expect their elected officials to uphold our State Constitution, and

(2) Can "the people" fire officials who VIOLATE the constitutional requirements.

Didn't we go through this with our Declaration for Independence in 1776? It is OBSCENE that we have elected officials who waive sign language and use taxes to defend their ILLEGAL ACTIONS against the interests of the people.

It is very telling that Paul Berendt, the State Democratic Chair, DEFENDS the REPUBLICAN Sam Reed -- NOT Chris Vance, the GOP State Chair. THINK about it.

As to meeting both LEGAL and FACTUAL insufficiency on our Recall Charges: we laid out the charges as NINE SEPARATE charges for a reason. We did so, to compartmentalize them into chunks, which make up a whole -- that of a SET of charges, all of them combined making up a battery of charges. Think of it as a "battery" of tests when they analyze your health by drawing blood. One test by itself may look good; but when you add them all up, you get a composite picture.

It is indisputable in Judge Wickham's OWN WORDS, that:

On some of the nine charges, we met legal sufficiency.

On some, we met FACTUAL sufficiency.

When looked at by the "unobservant" and the "mainstream media," our case was dismissed on 02/14/05.

When looked at by NINE Supreme Judges, at least 5 Judges will not be fooled and will see what really happened: we met LEGAL AND FACTUAL sufficiency if you look at all nine charges as a battery of charges, all of which are part of one set of charges which we could have submitted as ONE CHARGE.

In case you have not heard of it, Paul Berendt, the Democratic State Chair has publicly accused me and Linda to be stooges for Carl Rove, and that we were put up to RECALL REED by Carl Rove and the National GOP. Utterly ridiculous. Anyone who knows me and Linda Jordan knows we have been and remain totally NONPARTISAN, have no connection with Carl Rove, the GOP anywhere, and have no idea where Paul Berendt got such NONSENSE. Categorically totally fabricated and a blatant lie and Paul Berendt knows it! It is disgraceful that anyone would make such a charge when they know it is a ridiculous and preposterous lie. Why do I say this? Simple. I know it is FALSE, and as such, I know Paul Berendt cannot dig up any evidence to support such a ridiculous charge.

Twenty-four hours ago, Harry Stonecipher, the Boeing CEO, was FIRED for having an improper relationship with a company executive. None of this has to do with Harry's "official" duties as CEO and was not done at the expense of doing his job. Though morally wrong, and violation of company ethics, that's what it was.

By comparison, SAM REED violated his oath of office, violated countless State Laws, violated the State Constitution, with implications far greater then Harry Stonecipher having a relationship with another company executive, and SAM REED is DEFENDED by the Attorney General, at a tab of $250,000 legal fund paid by us -- the taxpayers -- and defended by a Judge who readily admits that SAM REED Legally and Factually violated provisions which entitle the people to merely collect 660,000 signatures, to ultimately decide whether ALL of the people choose to fire or retain him.

When you think about the above, I bring to your attention that it is an admitted fact by SAM REED's Office, that when Initiative, and Referendum Signatures are checked --
TWENTY PERCENT are ILLEGAL. Apply the same standard to the nearly four million voters in this last election, and by SAM REED'S Own statistics, 800,000 were ILLEGAL and SAM REED has done "nothing" to correct the problem.

In fact, Sam Reed has done EVERYTHING possible to make sure that all the possible and potential illegal voters do indeed VOTE.


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