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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tossof vs. Havealot

Take a small town in Eastern Washington.

1,000 residents. 800 US citizens; 100 immigrants with green card; 100 illegal aliens w/o green card.

Of the 800 residents, who are US citizens, 400 register to vote; the other 400 don't register to vote for reasons of their own.

Of the 100 immigrants with a green card, 50 register to vote and sign the oath that they are a citizens. Likewise, 50 of the illegal aliens register to vote because they are not required to provide proof of citizenship.

In this example, 500 people are registered to vote. An election is held and 300 turn out to vote. The 300 are made up of the following:

[1] 150 are US citizens registered to vote
[2] 50 are provisional voters who never registered to vote; nobody knows who they are
[3] 25 are dead people who were registered at the time they died
[4] 25 are felons or convicts who where registered before they became a felon or a convict; they served their time and never had their privilege to vote reinstated
[5] 25 are immigrants with a green card, who registered to vote
[6] 25 are illegal aliens who registered to vote

Candidates in this scenario require 151 votes to prevail and win the election.

Candidates who receive 149 votes lose.

In this example, there are two candidates for Mayor: There is Dee Dee Tossof and Tina Havealot.

Tina Havealot gets 155 votes.

Dee Dee Tossof gets 145 votes.

Question #1: Who wins the election?
Question #2: How many people should have been "entitled" to vote? Why?
Question #3: Should each vote cast be worth 1/300th?
Question #4: Was anyone's vote stolen? If yes or no, why?
Question #5: Should every vote count? If yes or no, why?
Question #6: Who should win this election and why?
Question #7: What should happen with the outcome of the election, and why.


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