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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Election Challenge Paradigm Shift

It is "beyond" offensive to find out that elected and appointed governmental officials are not following the laws -- i.e. elections officials not undertaking the process to remove convicts and felons from exercising voting rights; allowing the dead to vote; not requiring proof of citizenship when soliciting voter registrations through the DOL.

Americans ASSUME the laws are being followed. It is disrespectful and disgraceful to allow non-citizens the same rights and privileges as U.S. Citizens. It is a Class C Felony to register when not qualified, and a Class C Felony every time an illegal voter, votes. Each offense means 5 yeas jail time, and $10,000 fine. There are laws to preserve those rights and privileges but they are rendered worthless thanks to the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Prosecuting Attorneys who will not prosecute, and the County Auditors who are charged to enforce the laws: not protect those who violate them.

The challenge of DOL registrants on the basis the may be non-citizens amounts to housekeeping the county auditors are required to do in their official capacity. The effort amounts to holding election officials responsible for their duties set out under the law. The effort demonstrates a US citizen’s willingness to do more then those who we have elected to ensure the integrity of our election system. I never thought I would be called “an IDIOT,” and a racist on the public airways, the printed media, and the Internet, for doing what I consider a privilege, to defend provisions of our Constitution, and the laws protecting all – including the non-citizens.

Having put forth the effort to become a citizen, there is nothing more offensive to me then to learn that others are given the same rights I have worked hard for and they have done nothing except to get a driver's license. Shameful. They are diminishing the right and privilege of all legal voters, and violate the “equal protection under the law” provisions guaranteed to all U.S. Citizens. Few understand how “naturalized” US Citizens feel about this, and no-one deserves to be called “AN IDIOT,” “a RACIST,” or call anyone names for exercising rights guaranteed by the US and Washington State Constitution.

There are also other problems inherent in people living and working here illegally in America. For example: they work and may be paying taxes and they do not file tax returns because they will be "found out" and may be deported. Simple solution. Become a citizen of the United States and be an honest contributor to this country. Anyone is allowed to hold dual citizenship. Not a problem. It's only a problem because they choose not to become legal citizens. One very offensive act involves individuals and businesses hiring non-citizens and paying them subservient wages, and no benefits. This is illegal and degrades human dignity and respect ALL human beings deserve, regardless of citizenship status. To illustrate, the former Chief of Police in New York City, who was nominated to replace Tom Ridge as the head of the Homeland Security Administration, lied about having employed an illegal non-citizen, which ended up embarrassing the US President and caused him to withdraw from consideration.

Our elected and appointed representatives should have been enforcing the laws all along; something every citizen assumes they are doing. To find out they haven't been doing it is shocking, to say the least. Time to clean up the system, to make it as good as it can be. To "find" uncounted absentee ballots so long after the election has been certified is reprehensible and points to lax election procedures and incompetent training. Those people voted according to the law and their votes are not counted. Their voice has been taken away. For non-citizens to be voting, for convicts to be voting, for the dead to be voting, for people to be voting who are not registered, dilutes the votes of legal voters.

America is a wonderful country. We have freedoms and rights and privileges that other nations do not extend to their people. We have those rights and privileges because we have rules that govern our actions and keep things working in a fair and honest fashion, supposedly. When people fail to do their jobs completely and accurately, when problems such as this past election have brought to light occur: the system is broke.

The only course of action to take at this point is to identify all of the problems and institute corrections. Election reform is long past due.

RINGHOFER is obviously not indigenous to the United States, and I would welcome anyone giving me a call to question if I am a U.S. Citizen. In fact, it would make me feel proud to answer that I am a U.S. Citizen, and given the ridiculous election we have just witnesses, and participated in, anyone actually doing something to try to keep it from never happening again would renew my confidence in our election system.

Thank goodness we live in a country where we have the right to elect people to power and are not held hostage by those to assume it, no matter what.
Thank goodness we live in a country where we have the power to enact new laws to fix old injustices.

Let's get all the illegal voters legal so they to can join in legal voters' efforts to make this nation the best it can be.


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