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Monday, June 06, 2005


Monday, June 06, 2005

EFF calls on Secretary of State to fire elections director

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation today called on Secretary of State Sam Reed to fire Nick Handy, Director of Elections. The call came as a result of Handy’s testimony at the ongoing election contest in Chelan County.

“Despite being the state’s elections chief, he demonstrated a marked ignorance of election laws, and testified under oath that he actively worked to publicly discredit the Republican case in the governor’s election challenge trial,” said Bob Williams, EFF President.

In a letter to Reed, Williams requested that Handy be fired because, in part:

He testified that pre-certification voter crediting was not mandatory; however, after being shown the Washington Administrative Code, he reluctantly admitted that the law does require absentee ballots to be credited prior to the counting of provisional ballots.

He sent an email to the Secretary of State’s contract attorney, which expressed a desire to undermine the Republican’s legal claims.

He then convened a council of election officials, agreed on talking points to counter the crediting issue, and sent them to all 39 auditors to present a united front. Testimony at trial, however, has shown that the crediting discrepancy does have a substantive basis, and should have been investigated.

By law, Handy must ensure “each county auditor had the most recent version of the election laws of the state,” including four emergency regulations issued in August 2004 to implement the federal Help America Vote Act. Despite his office issuing the regulations, he showed no awareness of their existence during his testimony and failed to send them to auditors prior to the election.

For months, EFF has been saying that despite repeated claims of neutrality by the Secretary of State’s office, it has been actively working against a meaningful investigation of the 2004 election.

“Nick Handy’s testimony on Wednesday vindicates EFF’s assertion that the Secretary of State’s office has been more concerned with protecting election officials than with investigating the election results,” Williams said. “Handy asserted that the election system is an ‘honor system’ and that mistakes are just human errors by an overworked staff. That’s an attitude incompatible with maintaining clean elections.”

Mr. Handy is a long time friend of Secretary Reed, as well as a contributor to his campaign. However, he has no experience in elections prior to his appointment as State Director of Elections.


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