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This blog is established to recall Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed for failure to perform his duty. You may comment and submit information on-line. If you would like to help, contact Linda Jordan, State Coordinator, at People are encouraged to download, print and share the petition text with others but petitions for signature gathering can not be printed until the Attorney General writes the ballot synopsis and the sufficiency of the charges are upheld in Court.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A petition for washington state election reform

"Richard Daly and LBJ are laughing at the ctizens of Washington state from their graves!!!"

An appeal to our legislators and the election reform task force

196 people have signed this petition to date. I have posted some of the comments by supporters.

For the entire list, go:

To: Washington State Legislature/Governor's Election Reform Task Force

As Americans our vote is the most precious thing we have. It is the currency with which we buy influence, and it is the only tool we have to direct our government. People not eligible to vote potentially nullify the votes of legal voters. This is serious, but our government is not taking it seriously at all.

We the people demand meaningful election reforms that protect the integrity of the system as well as the sanctity of our vote. We want every eligible voter to have the opportunity to vote, but we also want every vote cast to be a legal vote, and we expect the accounting of our elections to be accurate.

We the people of the state of Washington submit this proposal and this petition to you hoping you will implement these reforms.

Voter Education Reform:

o Promote voter responsibility by educating voters on voting procedure through school programs, and materials distributed at the time of voter registration.

o Emphasize voter responsibility by teaching voters that it is their responsibility to follow voting procedures correctly if they want their vote counted.

Registration Reform:

o Require all voters to re-register, and populate the new state-wide database with verified legal voters. o Require proof of ID by birth certificates or citizenship papers, rather than other documents which are easier to forge such as driver's licenses, that do not prove citizenship.

o Assign a PIN Number to each voter, to be used like the PIN # for a bank debit card, to verify the identity of the voter at the poll or to verify the identity of the absentee voter.

o Mail a verification letter to the voter at the address of residency. The voter must return this letter, providing his signature and PIN # for the registration to be validated.

o Require voting registration instructions to be printed in English, since reading English is a citizenship requirement and non-citizens are ineligible to vote.

Ballot Design and Accounting Reform:

o Provide a "None of the above" option in every race to eliminate under votes, and help clarify voter intent.

o Provisional ballots must be distinguishable from other ballots and must also be made in such a way as they cannot be fed into the machine at the poll.

o Account for Ballots from the time they are printed through certification of the election. Treat ballots as if they are dollars.

Ballot Casting Reform:

o Prevent Double Voting by immediately recording when a person votes and locking them out from additional voting.

Ballot Collection Reform:

o Train and test poll workers adequately to ensure they follow correct procedures.

o Establish a Chain of Custody for Ballots. If the chain is broken, the ballots are immediately placed in "provisional ballot" status for manual checking.

o Outlaw ballot enhancement by election workers guessing about voter intent.

o Timely absentee ballot collection through postmarking required on Election Day and receipt required within five days of Election Day. o Timely processing of overseas military votes by providing online voting or remote precincts.

Enforcement Reform:

o Require statewide uniform laws and procedures.

o Require officials to enforce existing laws.

o Prosecute illegal voters. o Restore voter confidence by making election information publicly available online, to include the list of registered voters, voting histories, ballot accounting and election return information, including write-in, over and under votes.


The Undersigned

Dawn Courtney from Cowlitz:

"There's not one person I've spoken to that believes King County did everything on the up and up, in fact, they believe criminal activity has taken place. These problems have been around for a long's time to clean it up NOW!!!"



Josef Kunzler from Skagit:

"I think this is a sound platform of ideals that should already be in place. I am also willing to pay higher taxes, if need be, to implement these reforms."

Thomas (Bud) Dodgson from Island:

"Give us an honest election!"

Michael R Purcell from Kitsap:

"The election system is broken, let's get on with it and get it fixed."

Lee Eggebroten from King:

"Install security cameras to watch counters, add security at counting locations, do not allow counters to bring in bags or jackets."


"Politicians from both sides need to look at this. The average person looks at the reforms that are blatantly needed, which most of the politicians look the other way at, election after election. Working in the business world, most of these voter problems can be fixed with a little hard work and some modern technology. I think the most important thing is to have every one re-register to vote. I work with MS Access everyday and know that double registrations, etc can be purged. Also, voter cards need to NOT be given to illegal aliens that should not be fradulently given drivers licenses also. Steps need to be taken so that the average Joe feels that their vote is not being wasted. Also, voters should have to prove they actually live someplace and not have a phony address such as the Democratic headquarters in King County. That was real nice to pull on the people. Thanks King County, Erik Spencer Snohomish The number of votes should not exceed the number of registered voters, likewise when the margin of error exceeds the margin of victory serious questions MUST be asked and answered."

James Sorenson from King:

"King county said in 1998 they were going to fix this and never did. Lets do it now!!!"

Marcus P. Curd III from Kitsap:

"Richard Daly and LBJ are laughing at the ctizens of Washington state from their graves!!!"

Krystle Miller from Thurston:

"This sounds great! I am disgusted with the last election and this act might help!"

Jo Beaman from Yakima:

"It's situations like this that give voice to those who say they do not vote because it doesn't make a difference...Let's try to show them VOTING IS A PRIVILEDGE and RESPONSIBILITY of vote DOES make a could by YOURS"

Lucille Diaz from Pierce:

"I believe that there was a manipulation of the votes in King County especially when I remember hearing Christine Gregoire throw her tantrum following the second recount results in which she maintained she would be the next governor. I only wish some of the stations would do a replay of this tantrum."

Mickie L. Postier from Mason:

"We need these reforms immediately to prevent voter fraud. We need to have honest and fair elections with results we can rely on. Please act now."

Mark R. Postier from Mason:

"Stop fraudulent elections. There should be no room for cheating. Please act now."

John Henebry from King:

"This is our most fundamental right and I am sick of politicians who cheapen it with "acceptable amount of error."


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