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Sunday, June 26, 2005

There is something very wrong going on here...
Posted by Deborah at June 25, 2005 11:26 PM

The media won't expose it. The courts won't rule on it. The local Attorney General won't investigate it. The Feds -(my buddies) - are simply watching...What in the Hell is going on??

The people of this state are being lulled into acceptance of the machine again - and it's not their fault! They've been waiting for someone to tell them what to do!

Right now - thanks to the luke-warm slap on the wrist from Judge Bridges, the media was able to help King County sweep most of their dirt back under the carpet! The media, is the vehicle most people depend on in this busy world, to get their information!

The blogs (especially SP) have been crucial in getting the word and truth out about the corruption in our state elections! But even the blogs can be as frustrating as talk radio when you are looking for fast updates and information! (am I the only one who pulls their hair out while listening to John Carlson? 8 million damn info-mercials and a 2 million topic teasers with only 1 minute of actual talk? ACK!)

Yes! King County and the rest of the Democrat controlled state is about to screw the people big time and there is very little we can do about it!

The only thing we can do is get the message out. We need to create a list of the history corruption in King County (elections, taxes, transit, CAO, etc...) and a list of the corruption in the state under the Democrats. We need to get this list into the newspaper and on TV. That will cost money and time is running out.

We need to launch an email campaign with the same information urging people to call the news channels, talk radio, newspapers, to complain about what is going on with our elections. Provide phone numbers!

We must use every vehicle available to turn this around. The media can't and won't ignore hundreds or thousands of phone calls.....

Stefan...what do you think we should do?


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous cc said...


Where can I sign up for duty?

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Deborah said...

I wish I had the resources to put something together! Stefan is the guy who can rally the troops.

I'm just kicking around ideas...Actually - Martin Ringhofer had the idea for an email campaign to get the word out - and he's on the right track! But I'm thinking we have to do more...

I think we need to take an inventory of what actions are currently in the works against King County and the state. Who is suing them? Who is pursuing an investigation? Who has solid grievances against King County and the state?

We need a history of litigation outcomes - as far as citizens suing or filing charges against KC and the state.

I guess - before we go forward..we need to go backwards. We need to get a detailed history of what the heck has gone on in King County and the state over the past 10 years. The Dems like to move fast - forward. They like to get everyone emotional - so they miss the obvious! We learned one thing from the contest - and that is that the Dems do not like being called out on the carpet! They did not like having their deeds exposed and rehashed in public.

They did not know what to do to cover their corruption - so they tried to have everyone focus on the felons.

The liberal Democrats don't want people to remember their deeds. That's how they are able to pass tax hikes for the same phoney purposes over and over one keeps tabs. They always pick a theme....Environment, education, roads,transit,stadiums, health care, children,...but no one has ever truly audited any of these pet themes..and they just recycle them over and over to take more of our taxes and remove more of our rights....

Heck! Just running a history of King County election problems over the past 10 years would read like War and Peace!

We need to do our homework on the history of King County and the State Legislature and Gregoire over the past 10 years.

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous CC said...

Deborah, I think we are all on the same wave length. I don't live over in your neck of the woods, but I will do what I can!

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous David Anfinrud said...

Voter Fraud is a national problem. Whether the system is run by Democrats or Republicans. Overall Politicians want to keep their power and some will abuse power to keep their power.

Look at Wisconsin's election.

A short article but several things appear consistent with WA State Election.

1. 4,600 more ballots than registered voters were counted in the city

2. 2 felon voters found voting so far.

3. Another person was charged with casting two ballots in the election
Again this was a Democratic stronghold. Why do we find in two elections so far appart with the same problems. Maybe there was a driver for organized fraud. More votes than voters in two states so far apart could not happen by chance. This fraud may have given Wisconsin to Kerry. SO fraud can change even national elections. On a side note this is the same city that Democratic activists slashed the tires of the Republican get out the drive vans. I think it was over a dozen vans that had all four slashed just before the election. Another sign that people support let every vote count.

A second article also from Wisconsin.

The measure passed the Assembly on a 63-34 vote. The bill already has passed the state Senate. It now goes to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who must sign it before it can become law.

Doyle has vetoed similar legislation twice. He has vowed to veto this measure as well. The governor has said it would strip law-abiding citizens who lack IDs of their constitutional right to vote.

Does that sound familar. Voter reform will never take place as long as arguements like this are used. It seems to be the constant playbook in two states. Washington and Wisconsin. Two states that had their election investigated. I wonder how many other states have similar problems.

Just my two cents worth

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

This is for Ivan.....

As Chairman, you speak for all of the 34th District....

"Our mission is to educate, empower and mobilize the voters of West Seattle, White Center, Burien and Vashon". I can see where the Democrats (if the 34th) were successful in their mission....

But you only represent a PORTION of this state....As Chairman (of "ANYTHING"), I would think you would have chosen different words to describe your obvious "holyier than though attitude" for those people of this state that don't agree with your "mission or core values"...

I don't live in the Greater KC area....I am just a peon in Lewis County. But IF I was a Dem in your District, I would make sure you were never re-elected as chairman.

Your grade school rebuttal and comments were not professional, and spoke volumes of your obvious ego. The Average Voter cares, your comments posted revealed to me, that you dont care about the average voter, just winning....TES "Typical Ego Syndrome"..

If you post on a blog, and are negative or derogatory of other views, expect the same in return....

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous CC said...


I agree with you. This is total bull**** that law abiding citizens would not have photo id. If they are law abiding, they will understand the absolute necessity for one. This argument will benefit cheaters only.

When my kids turned 12 years old, I took them and their birth certificates to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a photo id. That's all it was (a photo ID) and it cost $5. (I think they are $12 now) They had jobs and needed to open a checking account. But to cash a check, they needed photo ID. Simple as that. They paid for the photo ID themselves.

You would think after the fiasco here in Washington State and Wisconsin, they would make every effort to purge the voter rolls and demand re-registration with photo ID to clear their sullied reputation as cheaters.

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous RDJones said...

I AGREE WITH YOU ALL – very interesting and timely comments from these and other SP contributors all summed up very aptly by Deborah and cc, and (I think) missing one crucial thing.

What seems to be missing is a leader. Someone who understands what is being said here who will step up and fill the gap between the corrupt liberal democrat machine and the grass roots.

Someone needs to provide a clear definition of the whole problem in total and empower those who will make the difference.

The problems are numerous, disparate and frustrating largely because they are not coalesced into a clear and easily digested message.

State government is headed for a liberal mortal embrace.

Thankfully, Stefan is providing those of us who are already in tune with the facts a forum to exchange views and express them. As tempting as it may be at times, we are not like liberals.

Our political salvation in Washington State will not come through the blind passion of civil disobedience, or exploitation of a turnabout attitude tit-for-tat. Our reforms will come (if at all) from swing voters who are finally ready to see the light if a stable leader confidently shines it on the subject.

Most democrats are just lazy and they are easily lulled into the foolishness of the left, but some are awakening – don't pander to them, but don't turn them away.

Among those who post here, most are not so naive, but we are not the ones that require a change of heart, or who will make the decisive difference.

Dino Rossi can do exactly what I’m talking about and I believe that he will be along in due time. In the mean time, play fair and reasonable as always (even with the trolls), make the list, make the good arguments, support the No New Gas Tax Initiative, elect David Irons and don’t give in to petty passions or liberals.

Everyone, thanks for the comments and let me know how I can help.

Posted by Amused by liberals at

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Bill said...

David Anfinrud.

Nice post re: Wisconsin - you can bet the exact same setup is in place in any demo-RAT controlled city -- and pointing out the slashed tires occurring in same city as the fraud --

think of all the other attacks, burglaries, and sabotage incidents that were occurring last August-September-October at times almost on a daily basis around the country --

some in Florida come to mind --

and I believe in Kansas City --




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