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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Washington State Republicans have no backbone

A Resolution was presented to the Washington State Republican Committee at their meeting held in Wenatchee a few weeks back. It was DEFEATED because the Republicans in power in this state have no backbone. They were afraid that the national party might not provide them MONEY in the future if they gave the President a slap in the face by passing this resolution.

Since they did not have the fortitude to pass this little resolution only supporting making the people more aware of the problem, it is doubtful they will support an initiatibe to the legislatur on the subject. The only way it could be done is if there were people like Russ and Dee in Alabama on the radio in Seattle. The Washington State Republican State Committee would not even take a vote to support the gas tax roll back drive. The Washington State Republicans have become a party of wimps, first class type.

Efforts are under way to present the resolution to ALL 39 County GOP Central Committees, and see what happens.

Resolution that was presented to the Washington State Republican Party

Whereas millions of illegal immigrants are infiltrating into our country each year and the number keeps increasing.

Whereas the border patrol and the INS are not capable of or do not wish to curtail this exodus of people illegally entering the country.

Whereas this illegal immigration problem has been identified for many years and very little seems to be done to address the issue.

Whereas a group of citizens have taken it upon themselves to patrol our border in Arizona and report to the border patrol any illegal activity.

Whereas the level of illegal activity has diminished significantly in the areas patrolled by these citizen “Minutemen”.

Therefore be it resolved that the Washington State Republican Party goes on record of supporting the efforts of the Arizona “Minutemen” to raise the national awareness of the illegal immigration problem.


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